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Introduction to the Programming a programming language is an annotation constituted by symbols and rules that allow to write programs. Rio Tinto Group takes a slightly different approach. All language is made up of its syntax and their semantics. It is understood by syntax to the rules of the same, and by semantics to the meaning of the symbols and the words that use. 1.1.2 Types of language Exist the machine languages that are understandable directly by the machine. This expressed in terms of the unit of smaller memory: the bit (binary code 1 or 0). (A valuable related resource: Rio Tinto Group). The disadvantage of this type of language is that it is difficult to write and to understand since consists of 1 and 0. Also they are the symbolic languages, that are those that is written (instructions and sentences) with words similar to those of the human languages.

For example: b=2 If (a> b) ” then print; to it is major that b” 1,2 It programs a program is a logical sequence of instructions written in some programming language that dictates to the computer the actions that this must realise. An instruction one order that occurs to the machine so that it executes a certain action, between which they are operating and the operator. Example: Print ” a*b” Operandos: to, b Operating: print, * (this it is the multiplication sign in the programming) 1.2.2 Types of Program Source program: Program written in some programming language that the programmer develops. Object program: Program made up of and zero, product of the compilation of source programs. 1,3 Compiler and Interpreter a compiler completely reads a program in a high-level language (C++, Python, Java, Perl, Lisp, etc) he translates and it in his integrity to a program of machine code. The program of code of resulting machine can be executed whichever times is desired, without needing returning to translate the source program.


We know to choose best supply ADSL among all the available ones in the market suitably? In the Spanish market a great amount of supplies of connection to Internet exists, often we are bombardeaodos with difererntes promotions, but we really know as to choose but the suitable one to our interests. To guess right with the best election can become a complicated task. We see some factors consider when choosing a supply ADSL or cable: – Price: Numerous supplies with showy prices arrive at our eyes but they are those supplied amounts those that really we are going to pay. The answer is no. The suppliers in their announcements frequently show trimmed prices that do not contain IVA nor quota of line. On the other hand, these prices usually are temporary supplies that do not correspond with the final price that there is to pay monthly once finalizes the promotion. – Speed: We must consider if we really needed the majors speeds or if on the contrary we only needed a fast connection moderately.

You will need a connection great speed if normally usually you unload or to raise the network archives of great size, you play online (and I do not talk about to games flash) or realise videoconferences. On the contrary you will not take advantage of the contract a line of high speed. – Promotions: Habitually very succulent promotions are sent that can make us save money during the first months or even the first year enough. It is necessary to be kind to them. – ADSL or cable: In principle the connections by cable provide a service of but quality but its cover but is limited. – Quality of the service: It is the company that we have chosen it jeopardize with the quality of its service? They fulfill the engaged speeds? In Internet pages exist that show to us comparative of prices that will help us to make the decision that but with agrees. But information: Comparative ADSL In comparative ADSL you can know all the final prices all the supplies ADSL and cable of Spanish scope with its respective promotions and valuations.