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So, you’re an office worker. You all tired as hell, and you have long been thinking about building their business. You already have considered several options, maybe even unsuccessfully tried out one of them. But that does not change the essence, you still working on at work for pennies and dreaming of his bright future. How can we act in such a situation? You can take the standard steps. That is, analyze the market situation, to think on what goods or services are in demand.

Calculate their financial opportunities and try something be done about it. Continue to have a simple business plan, and you start to implement it. You have a positive attitude and sincerely believe that it is your project falls into the list of those 2-3% of new businesses that survive after 3-5 years of struggle for existence. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. The remaining 97%, unfortunately, or become bankrupt, or eke out a miserable existence. I know not by hearsay a large number of entrepreneurs who are engaged in their business simply because they do not know more where to apply their skills and earn while on the business pennies. Why is there such a situation? Why most firms and companies going bankrupt in the first year? Why are most optimistic and fairly far-reaching business projects do not yield a result of the owners a penny, but the headache and disappointment?