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Before defining the reasons for consuming this type of products, we will explain briefly what are. In a simple way, we could say that organic products are those that have been obtained respecting a form of production from natural products and media, whether in agriculture or animal husbandry. That is, respecting the environment, the natural balance and the welfare of the animals; prohibiting the use of chemical products of synthesis (artificial pesticides and fertilizers) and genetically modified organisms. There are many reasons to consume organic products, among the main highlights: being natural products that contain no additional additives, are grown in a way natural, something very similar to as used it to do long ago our grandparents, they contain no pesticides or genetically modified organisms, are often used traditional methods to cultivate products and a natural way of raising animalsthey are sustainable for the environment, ecological, not pollute the waters or are detrimental to the animals. It goes without saying that they do not contain any antibiotics or genetic modifications. But not all organic products are food, also there are cosmetic or household cleaning products. Organic cosmetics, is a trend that is becoming stronger, due to various factors such as pollution or climate change, increasingly our skin is more sensitive to external aggressions, why this kind of totally natural products are so beneficial to all, and to a greater extent for persons with dermatological problems, since they are completely hypoallergenic. In establishments specializing in organic products can find variety of hygiene and personal care products as creams, shampoos, conditioners, gels.

There are also plenty of products for the smallest of the House, how diapers, wipes and creams. But not everything are creams, are increasingly popular for home, how natural degreasers, cleaners ecological dishwasher, handkerchiefs of paper, toilet paper, etc. Ultimately, the market offers us many products and foods that are both good for us and help conserve our planet. It is in our hands is deciding that products consume and try to leave a world better than expected to our descendants. It is never late to raise awareness to the environment.