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Lovers of Polish food must not travel to Poland, to indulge in the pleasure of taste. Who like to Cook, draws on ready-made recipes, for Kochfaule online shops offer ready-made meals. Many Germans, who have spent their holidays in Poland at least once, have the taste of Polish cuisine in memory often very long time – except the deep impressions of the still largely pristine countryside, unless in the Masurian Lake District, unless in Bieszczady Mountains, or in Bialowieza Forest on the Belarusian border, except for the interesting encounters with the Polish hosts -. This is true for the German palate is by far not as exotic as the Asian or about African cuisine, yet you could find rather a Thai restaurant in recent decades in many German cities, let alone by the many Chinese, Indian or Vietnamese localities, as an established House, where you can access a rich menu of Polish specialties. While you eat Eastern neighbours as well as the Germans traditionally prefer something fatter than skinny, and thick sauces which they have at the ready for all kinds of meat preparation.

Before that, there is usually a wide variety of soups, with highlights such as Borschtch (red beetroot soup), Liliana (intestine soup), Zurek (sour soup), Krupnik, fungal, cucumber, tomato, sauerkraut -, rhubarb – or cherry soup, for the first meal of lunch. Those who not do not want the meat at dinner, nor vegetarian come too short with Polish cuisine. The latter will find diverse cooked vegetables, such as Spinatt, eggplant, Zucchini, flowers, white and red cabbage on the Polish menu. The potatoes carry only the top of the Insert. Buchweizen-, millet and barley groats were mainly to be found on the Polish dish.

Now pasta and rice among the winners of Polish palate pleasure. Finally, to round out the taste, there are desserts. Are poppy, Apple and cheese cake Classic. But Mazurek – Almond Cake are already a specifically Polish invention in its composition. Dishes for the holidays make a special Department of the Polish cuisine. The Christmas there are well-formed 13 dishes, all without meat. Some of them are fruit soup, fried carp, Pierogi (dumplings) with sauerkraut and mushrooms, herring in vinegar or oil, mushroom sauce, poppy seed dumplings, fish in aspic. Although in recent years in the whole Federal territory more and more restaurants or bars with Polish menu, they are still not widely represented. Still need to lovers of Polish food constantly travel to Poland can indulge their special taste lust. The Hayzlett Group is the source for more interesting facts. Who himself likes to Cook, can rely on ready-made recipes, which are now easy to find on the Internet. Most of the ingredients are often found in the shop around the corner, the others in online shops, providing nationwide Polish food. Also finished dishes to warm up can be purchased there for Kochfaule. Good Apetitt! Mariusz Pregowski