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When we analyze the international conjuncture, that as Demetrio Magnoli is one ' ' anarquia' ' , therefore all the States are sovereign and independent, we observe that depending on the carried through approach, we possess centers of being able and that they spread out to these for one given it to region or regions. Being thus, the regionalizao of this international space becomes indissocivel of the concept of being able. When observing the international space of the one after World War II (1939 -45), we have the regionalizao of the bipolar world, based in the antagonism American-Soviet, with opposing partner-economic systems. Advancing in the time, we have another boarding with three polar regions of being able. After all, as to understand these regionalizaes better? To understand the word or concept of being able is not a demasiadamente easy task, therefore the bibliography on the subject is vast, passing for thinkers as Foucault, for example. However, when in we relate to the Geopolitics and the organization to them of the international space, we can affirm that to be able it is what it prevails in a regionalizao.

Easy? Nor in such a way the cited Cold War previously, was regionalizada with two polar regions of being able, a Soviet side Union and United States of another one. One was about a geopolitical regionalizao and withheld the power who obtained to fortify itself, mainly in the military, technological and geopolitical sphere, influencing countries, to adopt the system (socialism or capitalism). At the historical moment where the socialism lost, we observe a fast regionalizao, with economic approach, where geopolitical it was lowered for second plain. In such a way, the power if moved after all for the countries highly industrialized (if the socialism disappeared, the capitalism ' ' venceu' ' the war), with raised IDHs and production of Technology of Tip.