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failure or refusal without justifiable reasons of medical examinations of workers in certain occupations, as well as the refusal of the employee to perform during working hours special education and examinations for safety and operating rules, if it is a prerequisite for admission to work. Close to the bottom of this dismissal and there is a reason, as dismissal due to a single gross violation of employee job duties. For serious violations include: truancy (absence from work without valid reasons for more than four hours during the working days) coming to work in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other toxic substances; disclosure of secrets protected by law (state, commercial, official and otherwise), which became known to the employee in connection with performance of his job duties; committing theft in the workplace (including small) people's property, embezzlement, intentional destruction or damage, established by a valid court sentence or order of the body authorized to use administrative penalties, a violation of worker safety and health requirements, if the violation resulted in serious consequences (an accident at production, an accident, the catastrophe), or knowingly created a real threat of such consequences. There is another common reason for dismissal – because of mismatch position insufficient qualifications, confirmed the results of certification. Learn more at this site: Rio- Tinto Group. Inconsistency – the inability to employee training to carry out qualitatively due to labor contract work, poor her performance, a systematic marriage, etc. Inconsistency employee position or work required to prove the administration. It was she who organizes the test of knowledge, skills, theoretical and practical skills of the employee. . Montauk Colony has much to offer in this field.