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Any of us after having seen Bob Proctor in the movie the secret, could imagine that in the past he was broken and full of debts, and that he cleaned floors to earn a living? Throughout its history, we have another example of how the law of attraction and the change in our thoughts always works to bring us to our life richness and abundance desired. Many believe that a change in our personal life takes a long time. He says that through his life story will help us understand that it is in fact a matter of moments which causes our lives to change. Bob Proctor tells that in 1961 he was unhappy, was sick and broken. It was in that year that the found book think and get rich of Napoleon Hill.

In the preface of this book Napoleon Hill says that there is a secret in this book and if you can’t find it you can have anything you want and at that moment the only thing Bob Proctor wanted was money I wanted to pay my debts. Receiving calls daily in relation to money that it should. I wanted to 25 thousand dollars and noticed the goal of getting them in the next 10 years. I really didn’t believe it. But in a moment of action I did what the book said.

I wrote my goal on a card and carried it with me everywhere. It was often reading all day. This provoked in me begin to think differently and stop thinking about debts. Since I started to think about wealth, I started listening to people talk about it. I was prepared to do anything honestly to earn money. Someone told me that there was good money cleaning floors. I thought, I’m not proud, I’ll start cleaning floors. I asked borrowed some money to buy a few mops, a machine to clean and started looking for offices to clean. Soon enough extras was earning $100 a month, then they were US $500, then 1000, then US $2000. Mistakenly thought the answer to make me rich was clean more and more offices. At that point he was working until exhaustion. Then a day I fell unconscious in the street. When I returned in my had a crowd of people to my around. They must have thought that he had died. They wanted to take me to the hospital. I convinced them not to do it but I knew something was wrong. I found a quiet place to relax me and thinking. It was a moment of reflection. A voice in my head said, if you can not clean all offices Bob, then not clean any of them. I got other people who clean up by my. In a relative short period of time, it was cleaning offices in Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta and London. Needless to say that the money began to flow. Although I left that business for many years, the concept of multiply revenues stayed in me. You must have multiple sources of income, says Bob. Visit the Blog of the secret and the law of attraction. Subscribe and download free Ebook how to attract money, love and health with your mind, according to the teachers of the secret film.