The Goal

In step II we say, according to the motto correctly or not at all”, who still aspires to the goal of building wealth that need to invest his money in promising deposits. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jeffrey Hayzlett offers on the topic.. Here, the product offered by us and helped to develop is one of different offerings. That however the investment, as claimed, a rate of return of 10% or more will get, is a plan, but not a guarantee. The reader is given the impression, we would assure the return but this is a misrepresentation. The financial test editors can”do not expect? You must win this impression, if one reads the comments of the editors to the cost structure of the CIS investment concepts. Here the wording: in addition, that the total cost for a one time investment, a combination of a time investment and savings plan or a savings plan for investors is high.

You exceed plan according to the prospectus for the warranty running ten to 30 years lever in the first 12 years over 20 per cent of investors money in the amount of EUR 52 million. The plant due to the running costs by an annual 1.4 percent of paid-up investment amount of the investor is expensive. Because of the many risks of investments also the brochure indicates a potential total loss of the plant.” This paragraph will take away the language. Has the author of the fourth education path at his job, or he has no idea of financial products. It is claimed the cost would be high. We look together at how it behaves really: 20% in twelve years that subject would be per year a ratio of 1.6%. So even if this statement with regard to the 20% would agree, the cost per year would be only 1.6%. For comparison: any good investment fund has annual expenses between 1% and 2% and any life insurance is far more expensive.