The Reason

The big cost that shows this behavior, is the conflict. Since hardly anyone has built a fortress in the same way that we, it is highly probable that our truths are contradict, collide and generate distances and discussions. Now, do wouldn’t be interesting to observe that maybe in a discussion, both can be right? Every human being is a point of view, and from a constructive perspective, is a correct view. It makes sense for who is on that position, and you can logically justify perfectly adherence to those beliefs. But in the same way, you can validate your position the opposing party. And fully be logic in their development to hold the opposite position. At Jill Bikoff you will find additional information.

It is from their perspective, is also correct your question. Therefore if both persist in their positions, there will be no possible agreement. However, them what underlies positions is common: have a relationship. And in pursuit of that relationship, perhaps more cash is open to explore the position of the other. Not since a power struggle in which one WINS and has the reason and the other loses and feels minimized. But on the understanding that both have a truth bias, and learn more about the position of the other will allow you to learn more about the truth, have a broader perspective, a more global vision.

Defend what is ours because it is our and by fear to recognize that everything we don’t know, stay in the fight for power, in which seek to impose me and when I am debil weak I lose, and when I put gano, is usually not a very effective model of loving relationship. On the contrary, what probably work better is gradually building or rebuilding a sphere of trust, containment and love. An area where each feel free to show and share it free of the risk of being judged.