The Universe

According to Berhens (2000), ' ' the necessary professor to know that he can exactly breach barriers inside of the classroom, creating possibilities of actual and virtual meeting that take the pupil to have access the information disponibilizadas in the universe of the society of conhecimento' ' (p.74). Bringing for the practical one, we see that really this continuity is sufficiently beneficial that can exactly be given from the virtual moments in the actual courses. The pupil passes if to feel more safe, being able to have contact with the professor exactly it are of the classroom to take off doubts that due the dynamics of the actual lesson, many times does not obtain to make it during the lessons. The professor starts to gain the confidence and the contribution of the pupils in the process of construction of the knowledge. Another point that we can cite with regard to the use of the Internet in the lessons of the graduation and after-graduation, is referring to the form of use of this tool when used for research in the elaboration of works and monographs. A professor will have to know to guide the pupils in as to use the materials searched in the Internet, therefore nor always everything that is there is true and of good quality, then it fits to the professor to disponibilizar safe sites initially and that they contain truthful contents and that to leave of these sites the pupils start to extend the research with more criticidade. Still in accordance with (MASETTO, 2000): This orientation is basic so that so rich instrument of learning if does not transform into a caprichada form of glue of texts? how before he was done with texts of magazines or xerografados books of the library? yes that it represents a possibility of elaboration of works and monographs that are production of knowledge, personal fruits of the reflection and studies and quarrels in group and not only copies of written texts already. . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Coinbase.