Xavier Autor

They are not real in themselves, they are while we thus focus them. Although it sounds to quantum physics, these sorcerers envisioned it and experimented in depth many thousands of years earlier. They keep saying, that at birth, we do not see the world in the same way, but by a process of socialization, we are adapting our perception to what they call the center of reason. We are going by changing the point from which collect the received power, collecting emanations of different clusters, and therefore the subsequent interpretation. This happens, they say, because all our experiences are energy interrelationships, and that through the learning process, this energy flowing in every moment of life, will being stuck in new experiences, tying and securing the new point of perception, called that knitting pattern, being where the perception fits. Over the years, by the continuous energy vital anchor, this point is firmly still in the new position, except when we dream, or any exceptional event affects us (fear, fever, drugs, etc.). Our reality is already complete.

The rational world has become ubiquitous. But not for them. Unlock that energy to move the point of lace, and thus be able to change the vision of the world until unthinkable limits for us, is a part of their discipline. Called recap. Literally, revive its existence, in a process that is not now the case, but undoes this shutter, and allowed to, on the one hand, release the point lace, and on the other, with the recovered energy, move it at will. It is a kind of psychoanalysis (of brutal magnitude, and overwhelming sophistication), but without any connotation of psychological, continues to be a pragmatic, oriented towards an act purely in the energy field. This energetic reordering that manages to dislodge a stubborn anthropocentric view of the world, is very similar in the background to other many forms of human methodology.

Visualize the past to release traumas through self-hypnosis, reprogram the mind with subliminal messages, eliminating negative beliefs anquilosadas in the subconscious, forgive old sins to be well with God, psychoanalyze looking somatizar distant harrowing moments, and many more. In the end, you know, if you don’t make peace with your past, you can ruin the present. In short, science, psychology, religions, or shamanism, everyone just saying very similar things. Changes the shape, but not so much Fund: we must eliminate unnecessary ballast in our luggage, and to if possible, replace with useful elements which serve us to continue progressing. The method that you use is not the key, provided that it serves our purposes. As said Aristides de Aquenalusa, no matter the issue, matter solution (you do not seek it, does not exist, but is nice and if strain, strain). Each one, each nature, choose yours. It is the same for everyone. But, Redios!, do something, which are four days and then just. And I’ll better shut the mouth, that small told me that when it subsided, he was very handsome. Xavier Autor and source of the article