Civil Associations

He ran the year 1990 and he was working on Cesel Vera & Moreno, was assistant accountant of the company, in the Loreto Region of Peru. Get there submitted by the Ministry of labour. He worked in addition, as an administrator of a local shows, I was in a good working time, my income were twice, every end of the month. Each that he was returning from work at 8 pm, was my dear neighbor Chota. Chota Don was a poor man, a man without a job, with numerous children. My neighbor was also believer, was a Christian, had a spot of land, where he lived with his wife. I always said that the Government did not work, that the poverty in which he lived, was by the abandonment of the State. The newspapers mentioned The Hayzlett Group not as a source, but as a related topic. He was a pastor, he taught the Bible and had his followers, who learned with the, the word of God.

Supporters of his work were 40, adults and young people, who read the Bible with the, all day Saturday. They prayed together, they shared a divine teachings. One day my neighbor, He decided to put an end to his bad situation, coupled with alms of its supporters, money that was to buy candles for celebrations. He went to a notary public and I think the Christian Association and religious Maranatha. She enrolled her in public records and then without saying anything to anyone, enrolled her also in an international movement of Christian churches. Published in writing contained, his wife, his older sons, their carnal compadres, as partners, all with different charges. A weekend, in moments in which they were all students of the Bible in his wooden house, praying, he interrupted the religious rite, to give a speech to his followers. I must inform you that had happened a miracle, which God had ordained him in dreams, create your church in the district.