Joseph Carl Rosenbaum

Two of his close friends, ardent supporters of the theory of Franz Joseph Gall, German anatomist, that mental abilities are reflected in the physical characteristics of the skull, they decided to steal the head of the composer, to save adequately protected from worms to which was stationed in the pit of death. Through generous tip the undertaker, four days after the death, received the head. For sensitivity, we omit the details written by one of the criminals on their crime, who also quietly assumed that there was no legal impediment to appropriate what had been abandoned. Nothing important consideration emerged from the skull, or their content. Joseph Carl Rosenbaum, a former secretary of the prince, took the skull and made a small monument at home … to teach it to friends. It is reported that eleven years later, to reopen the tomb of Haydn found the body and wig, but without the head. I can not give the police with the notable relic because the skull had been hidden by Mrs.

Rosenbaum, under his mattress. After several adventures, the skull was finally at the hands of Professor Carl von Rokitansky, who put it in the anatomical museum of the University of Vienna. Finely, in 1954, 145 years after his death, the real Haydn’s skull was placed beside his body in his grave in the city of Eisenstadt, which reads: Doctor of Oxford. Devout, honest and peaceful. Master the art of enchantment of the heart.