Self Esteem

I always have entry permit and never interrupt me when I speak I only hear sounds that I want to hear. Outside, nothing lies to do not interest me before I’m with me. Accompanied me. I give priority to me and me particularly to the world is not the world of nobody, but the mine; the private luxury of my loneliness lonely being with me is what more I have to do in my life; My first love, my Vice and my desire. I am the door me nobody open, thinking that never flees me, my appointment on time and perfect. Before I do not I found nothing, came from an unknown moment and when I was born my body delivered me do not grow more in any womb. I don’t have to show me anything, nor lie to me to thinking; I laugh me all my laughter and hope me all my time looked at Me with eyes that do not see, and feeling me me food.

I can’t cross with me in every corner that I am, and always greeting me there much more than silence. There are no covenants or treaties, only my free trade: I me not buy nor sell. There is no more partner than an old relationship. My own love author original and source of the article