The Tarot Of Love And The Marriage

When a consultant goes to a circulation of the tarot of love, one of the most frequently asked questions, or circumstances that tend to repeat themselves, is related to the marriage. Many times, not only women, but men also, decide to go to a circulation of the tarot of love to see what comes out revealed with reference to marriage. Either because they want to put the question to the other person, and do not know how to do it, or because they have their doubts about how will go them to lovers in the new stage that means marriage. It is well known that noviar is one thing, the coexistence is quite another, and marriage is another circumstance different from the previous two. Diamonds takes a slightly different approach. In courtship, the commitment by both parties can be present, but is not as strong as when there are living together under the same roof. Coexistence can be desired by both sides, but also naked situations that a simple courtship lacks. Coexistence may mark the end of a years dating relationship, simply because both members of the couple can not live, or don’t know how to do it, or the more hours of which were noviaban, while being together brings to light certain incompatibilities that so far do not show. All this is powered in the marriage.

Why is a question that not everyone dare to do. And they do very well in doubt.Tarot of love may give patients an idea of what will happen if the question becomes. Thus, if you leave exposed Los Enamorados, upwards, or the star, in the same position, the scene could not be better. Each of these arcana, with their variations, indicate that marriage is the way indicated for the lovebirds.But another will be the verdict if they change the arcana of the tarot of love. For example, the inverted tower involves abrupt separation, fight without solution, rupture. The same thing happens with Los Enamorados invested. In this case, you may want to signify that the members of the couple are not the one to the other, or that the marriage simply will not work.The high priest, in the right position, you may want to imply that it is a wise union, a higher power protects the couple, they are blessed by a force bigger than the human. The world and the Sun are also arcana that, revealed in the circulation of the tarot of love have good omens.Accordingly, the circulation of the tarot of love can help us to avoid us having to traverse a series of painful events, or painful. In this circumstance, it is best go to Chuck with your mind open, and willing to listen to the message of the arcana.