Green Yacht

While time passes the naval engineering industries presented new models of yachts and boats de-luxe increasingly surprised more fans, users and boaters. The superyachts fashion each year becomes stronger to the point that these are already created so that luxury, presence and operation does not affect the environment. On this occasion has been presented the Exuma, a motor yacht designed to consume less fuel and produce fewer emissions of dioxide carbon than traditional yachts engine of similar size. This yacht, who won the Green Yacht of the year in Monaco this year’s boat show, pays special attention to three fundamental principles: be sustainable, efficient and robust. With an elongated and slender hull designed for a maximum of hydrodynamic efficiency to reduce water resistance, it has a few scythes that do not require effort to rotate through the water, such as a shark stalking its prey. Designed with a concept of global exploration, has a maximum range of more than 6,000 miles at a speed of 12 knots, which is really impressive, given that it has a fuel tank with a capacity of 75,000 litres. Similarly, its owner insisted that the yacht must be equipped to go anywhere while maintaining its environmental impact lowest possible reducioendo dramatically emissions of greenhouse gases. With respect to the luxury offered by this superyate we can say that its creator were indulgent enough as it offers all possible comodidas were found on any yacht of this size. Areas of housing within yacht is designed to provide comfort for customers without the need for a strict maintenance and who spent many resources.