Magisterium Dictionary

From yesteryear until our days has been in force concern for improving the lives of human beings, as well as have been discovering new things, all cultures and societies have contributed something for its better development with a special emphasis on education because they have seen that this sets the standard for an improvement in life, but what about education?, the Magisterium Dictionary describes it as: reciprocal action of two subjects, one with respect to the other, and that it will lead to the transformation of two personalities present makes reference to the refinement and optimization, since it does assert more man, raising their level of autonomy and freedom, i.e. allows you to move away from the answers and get rid of stimuli being able to choose their behavior before it, which is a factor of control and forecasting of consequences 1 above gives to understand the preparation of the individual for futuretaking their own decisions anticipating what will cause each one of them. The topic of education is currently present in every corner of our planet, speaks of a forming and transforming education and is to it to which I refer, I speak of education in educational institutions, which is aimed at quality teaching, where the individual develops their learnings and based them, or at least that is what is expected, because the reality facing us is another, but do whats the cause for which there is no educational quality at least in the country in which we live (Mexico), multiple factors which do not have? allowed that truly has the quality of education that is required, aspects such as disapproval, terminal efficiency, lag, desertion, etc. are those daily seen in educational institutions ranging from the hand with the improper handling of textbooks, teachers, lack of a system of teacher education deficit, lack of support from parents, society in generalthe mass media that it seems that they now are those that form, because if we ask how many hours passed a child on television, on the internet, with a video game, the economic crisis and social inequality, children who work or whose mother works and has no time to help you or direct it, parents who can’t read or write by which would be impossible to help the child with homeworkamong others as well as those who have to do also with processes, social, economic or educational policy, they are the cause of the low quality of education in which we find ourselves.