Users Console Buy

After it was revealed the pricing and release date of the Nintendo 3DS, the reactions from fans of the brand has been mixed. From Kotaku has wanted to take the pulse regular users in terms of feelings with respect to issues as price, the technology of the console, favorite color of the housing, and other considerations. Also has been plumbed what videogames are the most anticipated, leading the first position the Zelda: Ocarina of Time with a 70% vote for the Kotaku audience preference. Follows it closely the Metal Gear Solid 3D with 62% of the votes and Resident Evil: Revelations would be the third in discord with 60% of the votes. By sections, the new Nintendo 3DS price seems expensive to 52% of the respondents to the survey, while 24% of people it is the expected price and 22 per cent considered it a competitive price. Only 1% of respondents considered that a price is cheap.

Intend to purchase aligns with the perception of price, because 46 percent of respondents prefer to wait to something lower price before buying it. 23% Of participants say they would buy it from the first moment while the remaining 31% will decide based on the introductory offer. With regard to the reasons to buy the Nintendo 3DS highlighted mainly screen 3D (33% of the votes) and titles in development (39%), while other aspects such as Nintendo, 3D camera, the price or the graphical power were among the least voted reasons. As comparative, 47% of respondents the Nintendo DSi, Sony as the iPod touch or iPhone 4 touch screen devices, or other options is choose by a Nintendo 3DS before that by other devices such as the Sony PSP-2. This survey has been carried out by Kotaku on a sample of 5235 users in the community.