Online Sales Technology

Online sales are now a major part of the international retail industry. It is necessary that your sales page offers a detailed description of your product or service, explain how it will be delivered (by email, direct download, webpage, etc..) & When (immediately, within minutes, etc) . You should check the compatibility of your product or service with your potential customer. That is, do not assume that any client can use files in a specific format. By example, not everyone has a copy of Microsoft Word on your computer. Some people use Macs or some other operating system.

If your product is useful only for people living in a particular geographic area you specify in your sales page and that having an Internet business can easily have customers from all over the world and it’s really frustrating to buy a product that can not serve live in the wrong hemisphere. Once your sales page, what follows is to create a download page or obtain information about your product. This second page, the downloads, is that your customer will immediately pay for your product or service. The client returned to this page only if the data in your credit card approved. On this page you must download thank your customer for making your purchase, you must provide an email address for technical assistance if required, remind your client that you will see a charge on your credit card for the amount paid and collect additional information from your client if necessary.

Once the customer arrives at the download page and will have paid for your product or service, so make sure you place the necessary instructions so that your customer gets your product or service as quickly as possible. You should not distract you with ads or links to other products not purchased because this will only confuse him and will generate potential problems. The best thing to do is have a simple download page and deliver exactly what you offered at first. If your product can download (exe, zip, pdf, doc, etc..) Must include a direct link from your download page. (Source: Jill Bikoff). You should also include detailed instructions on how to run or open the file. a Once you are ready your sales page and download, please make sure that the whole system is working properly. Make a purchase fictional (the processing company charges must be online allow this option) through all stages of your sales process to make sure there are no errors in it. a Once you’ve gathered these three aspects (the sales page, the online billing service and the downloads page) you can automate your sales process that depends on you. The key to this automation is that once a prospect finds your site, read your sales page and decide to purchase your digital product should be directed to the secure server for your online billing service to make payment the exact amount and the product chosen. After approved payment, online billing service to redirect your client to the download page that you set your service account. And the download page should already have the information necessary to deliver your product or service to your client without having to lift a finger. You can be selling your product or service while on vacation and even while you sleep. All you should worry about is the personalized attention customers, answer questions about your product.