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FOUNDATION DEFINITION: Foundation is the structural element that has for function to transmit the load of the structure to the ground without provoking rupture of the land of foundation or the proper linking element and whose you stress can satisfactorily be absorbed by the structural set. The system of foundations is formed by the structural element of the building that is below of the ground (being able to be constituted by block, prop or tubulo, for example) and the bulk of involving block under the base and throughout the shaft. FUNCTION OF the FOUNDATIONS To support with security loads proceeding from the building, that is, is the structural element that transmits the one load construction for a more resistant layer of the ground. Thus, the foundations must have adjusted resistance to support the tensions caused for the solicitant efforts. Moreover, the ground needs resistance and rigidity appropriate not to suffer rupture and not to present exaggerated or distinguishing deformations.

CONSTRUCTION LOADS the loads of the construction are gotten by means of the plants of architecture and structure, where the proper weights of the constituent elements and the overload or useful load are considered to be considered in the flagstone that is normalized in function of its purpose. Eventually, in function of the height of the construction the action of the wind will have also to be considered on the construction. Table 1 more supplies the specific weight of the used materials in the constituent elements of a construction, while the table the 2 useful overloads or loads in lining or floor flagstone in accordance with its purpose DEEP FOUNDATIONS DEFINITION: They are those where the load is transmitted to the land through its base (tip resistance) and/or lateral surface (attrition resistance). The deep foundations are seated to a bigger depth that two times its lesser dimension in plant. The deep foundation, which possesss great length in relation its base, presents little capacity of support for the base, however great load capacity due to the lateral attrition of the body of the element of foundation with the ground.


70% Of Internet users rely on the information on the network. According to, the deep mistrust that had for some years around Online data has disappeared. There are still some major barriers, as the increasingly widespread, electronic trade, but still, with many detractors. The report argues that more than 80% of consumer consultation network, before buying, while only 14% is decided on the basis of the information obtained through traditional channels. Sites that collect feedback on services, products, companies, etc.

They have flourished in recent years and have become a factor decisivio when deciding the purchase, in many cases, replacing the traditional word of mouth. But what initially was a great help to the consumer, today may have become a trap. It is usually easy to detect fraudulent products or companies, but when it comes to hiring more subjective services, – a hotel room, a trip, a meal in a restaurant – the community managers, come into action. The views of users are infected by advertising companies that are passed by clients to position their product with positive reviews. How to distinguish them? It is difficult.

Several cases have passed even the press filter. And not infrequently. The news of the opening of a cannibal in Berlin restaurant, toured the network, but your denial just appeared in a few media. It was the advertising campaign of an environmentalist group. Some bloggers are paid commissions by leaving in good place products of a certain company in their reviews. So, Internet has revolutionized and democratized access to information for the citizens, but the interests of some groups sneak into a network that has not yet developed effective filters to manipulated data and fraud. The fight for hearings, sales or advertising and the importance of the immediacy condition the quality of the information. Really, do you trust what you read on the Internet?


Do you know if this way your company complies with its obligation of preventive training (art. 19 LPRL) and information (art. 18 of the law on prevention of occupational risks – LPRL-)? The answer is no. This documentation only allows your company comply in part with these obligations. The documentation that the prevention of their mutual society provide their workers have to indicate, as a minimum, the risks detected in the company (both global as for the job which will occupy), prevention measures (for enterprise-wide and which must apply each worker depending on the job you are going to deal with)as well as emergency measures established (first aid, fire fighting and evacuation). Give their employees this information allows your company to comply with its obligation of preventive information, but which in any case replace the leaves is the obligation of his company to train its staff in prevention. The training must provide their employees must be theoretical and practice, sufficient and appropriate to the activity that each worker performs and must upgrade depending on the evolution of risks, when new ones to appear and, in general, so when determined the initial risk assessment. In addition, the entity that provides this training must be issued a certificate attesting that the worker has passed the course received.

Attention! Be sure to have documentary proof that your company meets these obligations, because of not being able to prove it could incur serious misconduct punishable by fines from 2046 euros to 40.985 euros. To continue reading, click here. Training, information and much more is what offers you every month PractiLetter prevention of labour risks, a publication which will find all legislative sector developments, discussed without technicalities, as well as very practical recommendations that will help you properly manage prevention in your company, as well as comply 100% with the regulations without great complications.


When you begin a debt management plan, counselor will work with your credit to freeze or reduce interest and lower payments. This new contract will be approved and the creditor will begin to accept these new payments how current and accepted. All previous late payments will still be on your credit but once you are out of debt and able to be free of the burden of massive debt, then you can start working on the restoration of his credit. It really is a matter of concern to your credit later, if you are already in serious debt trouble. Existing accounts and a plan to address those previous shots.A bankruptcy would kill your credit as you would charge offs, intakes of possession and the trials that are such a good alternative.

Consolidation of deudMucha people confuse these terms and in actuality can mean two different things. What you need search is the terms of the program. Are you looking to reduce their fees because you is in financial trouble or you are looking to lower your total debt and to have a payment, a fee. Debt consolidation may be, consolidate all your debt into a debt management plan as described above or consolidating your debt into a new prestmo. That is the key here.

A new loan means that you probably still have good credit but you do you is paying too much when you add all their loans up, especially in view of their separate interest rates. In this case, a new loan can be the perfect program for you type. You may want to consolidate 5-6 card payments of credit into one with a payment, a fee. It simplifies everything and it can save you a ton of cash! Some programs debt management also called their plans of the debt forgiveness, consolidation because you are consolidating their accounts in a new plan so that be sure that you know what kind of building you’re talking clean my credit.


Meanwhile the curious parents and amongst pupils and other people if congregated next the school sperando the balloon that would arrive the three fifteen. Meanwhile many people even arrived of other villages and of cidadezinhas of seven the nine a thousand inhabitants. When giving three hours the professors had announced. – It is with joy that we announce the winner of the best production that presented: Geography and a good form of if explaining the studies with clarity and of form that well was stipulated or argued. Severino is the winner! Severino is wise person who that age a dream or was happening, it only thought about the flight and as he would be. I followed to humble palco mounted for that manifestation.

If it derijiu to palco and it was to be thankful the all for representing auqela area. – Gentlemen professors and coordinators and all here present thank I them for my merit and being chosen representing to them. Three and fifteen arrived a great balloon that colored the Northeast with coloration of the American flag, the scholars presented vestments, clothes with the Brazilian flag. When going down immediately afterwards all capsize that it did not have no translator, but surprises were only starting. The Americans had said something that nor the professors had interpreted but the father of Severino Mr. Sebastio if raised he answered and them, all impressed had been therefore it never had commented nor with the familiar ones that it wise person if to communicate in English. Severino with the biggest pride asked for to the father who disesse that it would be the pupil who it would help the Americans in the mapping and the work in the balloon. But in the hour that its father ouvu it to say looked at it to balloon with that look You did not say me to have balloon But she said to the extrangeiros.


It would not be either of application the theory of the Convergence, because the one that owns common interests does not mean that necessarily all the group has a homogenous conduct. Those were a few that carried out the revenge by the murders and not all the town of the Ejido. What yes it was infected went the justification to the act. The theory of the Contagion can, by as much, to serve to explain the contagion of values but cannot explain the conduct of the mass. Therefore, to explain the behavior of this group of the Ejido, we could make use of the theory of the Theory of the social identity (Tajfel-1971). The tendency is demonstrated to favor to the member of the own group, through the categorisation, comparison of the social identity. The necessity to obtain positive a social identity is the one that causes that we try to differentiate positively to our group with respect to others. If in the comparison process our group leaves favored, we left favored, we obtain positive a social identity.

In the Ejido, exists on the part of the villagers a necessity to maintain positive an identity social to guarantee a positive distintividad of the own category against the others the immigrants by means of a continuous process of competition between groups and categories, which would explain that integration in society of the group of immigrants is not considered absolutely, having maintained a clear distinction between both communities within the same town. In this line of car-categorisation, we found Reicher, that from the reformulation of its initial expositions on this concept, from Theory of car-categorisation of J. Turner (in 80), it happens to speak of made Model of Social Identity (ESIM), emphasizing that the mass events are characterized for being intergroup relations and that, like such, the social identity of the members of the mass and its actions are going to depend on the dynamic ones of these relations.