Several Amores

Today I will talk about one of the amulets, or a trick, or name that has to decide between various loves. Many times we have several people who we want and who we want, but we do not know to make the right decision. Some time ago they told it me so today I it will tell me. You take three pieces of paper. In each of the pieces you write 3 names of people that you are interested in knowing what you feel. When have you written the names the doblas well. You can move them to not knowing which is which. One of the roles you must put it under her pillow, another put it somewhere in the room that you like and the other put it on the windowsill.

Five minutes later it’s time that you look at them. Which is under the pillow is the love that you should, that you always want. That is in the room is that you want but your relationship has no future. The window is the person that you don’t want and that in the long term will give you trouble. Why you love friends? Sure that you have clear has left the name you were expecting? Author original and source of the article