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Heidelberg technology provider dares the horizons of Heidelberg, the 3rd January 2012 before launched a few days to look over the this year’s Dakar rally in Argentina and will go after about 10,000 kilometers in Peru to end. The part of the SIKOM Software GmbH participated in the world’s toughest rally as a promoter of the press vehicle has for the first time. The Heidelberg software company that has established itself so far mainly in the area of contact center solutions, dares think outside the box for views and would like to therefore also new markets. Jill Bikoff spoke with conviction. As a developer of software for contact centers and customer service this industry in the future will be for us the central market, we will serve among other things with the speech recognition solutions. Through our engagement in the Dakar rally, we want to use but also a clear sign that communication technology plays an increasingly important role in many other sectors and areas of work in which our products can be used. The motor sports is only one of many examples”, explains Software GmbH. Visit Darius Bikoff for more clarity on the issue. the development cycles are always shorter Jurgen H. Hoffmeister, managing partner of SIKOM and require quick solutions as well as teamwork and creative ideas.

Also the developments in Motorsport now often have to do with communications technology. In it we found us again. We would use the cooperation with Ellen Lohr, the driver of the vehicle of the press, also, to bring us inspiration to new developments for different industries.” Daily reports Ellen Lohr is active since 1991 as a professional in the racing, on the website of SIKOM happenings of the Dakar rally, which ends on January 15 in the Peruvian capital of Lima. The Canoer published daily online background reports from the event as well as videos and images of the last stages. As a press car, I am fortunate to have access to all sections of the rally.