Star Trek Online Guide

Publication of the unofficial Star Trek Online guides from killer guides finally has been Cryptic Studios the official release of Star Trek Online, their newest MMORPG, announced. The game will officially come on February 2, 2010 in the shops. Killer guides has responded to this announcement with the release of a new Spielguides: the unofficial Star Trek Online Guide. This Star Trek Online Guide is the first of a series of guides to Star Trek Online. The unofficial Star Trek Online Guide is packed with strategies, helpful tips that can facilitate the survival in space, and consumer information for all Star Trek Online players who want to optimize the fun factor at play.

This guide aims to grab the players for their potential under the arms, and to ensure an effective profit of much-needed credits and prestige. In addition, solutions to the numerous missions and advice on the levels are offered the players here. Thus paved the way from Ensign to Rear Admiral. The Star Trek Online Guide from the House, killer guides presents techniques for optimum prestige – and Creditsgewinn. Unlike as in other MMORPGs, a multi currency system based is the economy in Star Trek Online. In this way, special depth is awarded the gameplay.

It is the hallmark of Cryptic Studios to give the player any creative freedom. Therefore, you’re not just free hand the creation of your avatar, but also your ships in Star Trek Online. Each player is able, through the personal design of its environment, to gain unique experience in the game. You will find the technologies are used, along with recommendations for specific Set-Ups, the STO Guide from killer guides. Killer guides is market leader in the field of Spieleguides for several years. Follow the how Aion online, Final Fantasy XI, but EVE Online and world of Warcraft are represented in other guides for successful MMORPGs. Star Trek Online is a game that has successfully captured the tension of the famous TV series Star Trek. Depending on the skill of each player, the ascending the various ranks and these new skills can fill, it is progressing. The special attraction is in its unique dual battle system, where battles between spaceships and ground fighting are distinguished in this game. Players take on the role of the captain who commanded his bridge officers, to increase the performance of the whole ship. Alternatively a player can join strong group with his bridge officers to a five-man, which supported each other in the fight. The Star Trek Online Guide from killer guides, like the STO guide package, is available in the online shop. The game guide Publisher online gamers has always been with guides from excellent quality and provides extensive solving them.