Month: <span>July 2014</span>

Acne is an ugly disease that causes distress among adolescents around the world, which is difficult to prevent. Acne occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged naturally, called sebum or oil, which promotes the growth of bacteria causing inflammation. Grains are common in the life of a teenager, although outbreaks entered the twenties and thirties are also produced. The severity of an outbreak of grains depends on several factors such as genetics, diet and hygiene. During the last half-century have developed multitude of facial cleansers, soaps and creams for people who suffered from these grains.

Benzoyl peroxide, is a chemical that has become one of the most popular treatments today, while it may irritate the skin. For those who suffer from severe cases of acne, prescription against drugs are more expensive and a laser surgery, which has become something normal, can cost a few thousand euros. There are effective natural cures for the victims of acne, but are usually ignored by the media of communication, which depend on income from advertising from pharmaceutical companies. A possible natural acne treatment is Aloe Vera. The gel of the Aloe plant contains many nice properties for the skin that help it to heal and rejuvenate. For years the plant has been used as a home remedy to treat burns, cuts and insect bites.

The same properties of the plant that help soothe a burn, will also help reduce the redness and inflammation caused by acne. Polysaccharides of long chain found in the plant gel are that help the skin to be repaired. Aloe also has large amounts of vitamin E, a vitamin, according to many, essential to have a healthy skin. Aloe acts as a mild astringent that helps eliminate excess fat and bacteria, helping also to prevent future breakouts. Although this plant will not help get rid of the grains in a night, can be as effective as many of creams, lotions and gels that are purchased from the pharmacy. The Aloe Vera plant, however, would only cost a few euros and can be found at any corner or gardening store. It is very easy to care for, it only requires a little sun and some attention. Where it is impracticable to have one, at any sale of natural products or the same pharmacies, these Aloe products, they could find in special sections.


While time passes the naval engineering industries presented new models of yachts and boats de-luxe increasingly surprised more fans, users and boaters. The superyachts fashion each year becomes stronger to the point that these are already created so that luxury, presence and operation does not affect the environment. On this occasion has been presented the Exuma, a motor yacht designed to consume less fuel and produce fewer emissions of dioxide carbon than traditional yachts engine of similar size. This yacht, who won the Green Yacht of the year in Monaco this year’s boat show, pays special attention to three fundamental principles: be sustainable, efficient and robust. With an elongated and slender hull designed for a maximum of hydrodynamic efficiency to reduce water resistance, it has a few scythes that do not require effort to rotate through the water, such as a shark stalking its prey. Designed with a concept of global exploration, has a maximum range of more than 6,000 miles at a speed of 12 knots, which is really impressive, given that it has a fuel tank with a capacity of 75,000 litres. Similarly, its owner insisted that the yacht must be equipped to go anywhere while maintaining its environmental impact lowest possible reducioendo dramatically emissions of greenhouse gases. With respect to the luxury offered by this superyate we can say that its creator were indulgent enough as it offers all possible comodidas were found on any yacht of this size. Areas of housing within yacht is designed to provide comfort for customers without the need for a strict maintenance and who spent many resources.


Differences of up to 113% in the price of ADECES (Asociacion Pro civil, economic and social rights) operators find differences of up to 113%, i.e. more than 150 euros for a basket type of thousand minutes of calling, mobile and intelligent network (90 X), the most expensive domestic consumption basket and in addition they are excluded of gratuity in commercial packages that offer different operators. Analyzed calls are very important in residential consumption, in particular, the numbering 90 X very used on all services of help desk, aftersales services and even services of appointment of health, etc. Packaged offerings of telecommunications operators have put the accent, throughout these years in free national calls from fixed to fixed, Metropolitan, provincial or interprovincial communications are therefore free to one number of minutes sufficient for homes. But the emphasis on this type of commercial offers packaged, casts a shadow over the costly reality of those aimed at mobile, intelligent and international network. Comparison with target calls calls to mobile phones cost differences reach 54%, among the cheapest operator (MOVISTAR) and the most expensive (ONO), i.e., 45.

Other operators such as VODAFONE, EUSKALTEL, R and JAZZTEL are between 30% and 38% more expensive. ORANGE and TELECABLE are 27% and 17% respectively more costly. The price differences are still made in calls to intelligent network numbers (90 X) in which, among the most economical operator (MOVISTAR) with 15 euros, and the most expensive (VODAFONE) there are differences in 131 euros, i.e. a 854%. The percentage difference with respect to R is also significant (143%), as well as to JAZZTEL and ONO, above 80% in both cases. ORANGE costs are slightly more expensive (13%) and TELECABLE is 8% more expensive.

Also in calls internacionales1 there are differences between the more cheap, now JAZZTEL (39.37 euros) and the most expensive EUSKALTEL (65,40 euros), i.e. 66%. The differences are below 40% compared to ONO and by 30% in relation to TELECABLE, reaching close to 15% in the cases of R and VODAFONE. Finally the difference in relation to MOVISTAR and ORANGE is 8% and 6% respectively. In a basket type of domestic consumption of thousand minutes of international calls, mobile and intelligent network are observed price differences of up to 113%, i.e. more than 150 euros. MOVISTAR in this basket is the most cheap with 139 euros, while VODAFONE with 297 is the most expensive operator, followed with more than 200 euro ONO and EUSKALTEL. In the vicinity of the 200 R and JAZZTEL are. Finally, above the 160 euros are ORANGE and TELECABLE. The growth of such calls the constant growth experienced by this type of calls and their prices do every day have more relevance. Thus for example, the percentage of total (domestic and business sector) traffic towards Mobile went from 6% in 2002 to 8.5% in 2009, although it stood at 9.4% in 2007 (before the crisis). In the residential sector fixed-mobile calls accounted for 5.1% in 2009, but two years earlier accounted for 6.2%. For its part, calls from residential, to numbers of network intelligence, grew despite the crisis, going from 3.9% in 2007 to 4.2 per cent in 2009, in unequivocal proof, that they want or not users, are committed to employ increasingly this type of numbering, finally, international calls remain that least affect the basket of residential users. In 2007 were 2.4% and in 2009 fell to 1.7%. For more information: Carmen Rodriguez 914667051-655319004 access to graphics: basket llamadas.pdf source: press release sent by Adeces.


The music production has much time did not exist only some dedicated categories of softwares. Nor we need to go very far. In the early 90’s these categories were, basically, the following ones: – Sequenciadores (former.: Cakewalk, Logic, Power Tracks); – Programs of notation (former.: Encore, Finale); – Multi-tracks (former.: Pro Tools, that in its first version, of 1991, offered 4 tracks of audio and cost U$ 6,000, 00); – Automatic Arrangement (former.: Band-in-a-box). The digital technology still was expensive and impracticable for the audio one. The table computers were not common articles – especially in countries as Brazil – and so little were capable to answer to the requirements of audio processing demanded by the digital one.

The musicians had terror of sequenciadores, a little for preconception another one little for laziness to learn language MIDI, that sufficiently is complicated. Notation programs also were expensive, difficult to be manipulated and nor always they produced partitions of easy reading. what to say of the programs of automatic arrangement? The intelligent keyboards of the line and the Roland sounded so amateur how much (nothing against these equipment but they had absolutely been projected for the amateur public). In this scene, the recorders of coil, the pautado paper, the pencil and the rubber still were the best options. In the second half of the decade of 80, set-ups of keyboards and modules of sounds hardwired in sequencia saw MIDI (in a type of known linking as daisy chain), had especially started to be frequent in the palcos and in the studios of writing. The possibilities of combinations were immense but, basically, two forms of set-up were more common: 1. Controlling keyboard + Sequenciador + Enslaved Keyboards and/or Modules of Sound. The Controller (Master Keyboard) was responsible, as the proper name suggests, for controlling and having access all the Enslaved Modules of Sound and/or Keyboards and also to generate information MIDI for the Sequenciador.


Before defining the reasons for consuming this type of products, we will explain briefly what are. In a simple way, we could say that organic products are those that have been obtained respecting a form of production from natural products and media, whether in agriculture or animal husbandry. That is, respecting the environment, the natural balance and the welfare of the animals; prohibiting the use of chemical products of synthesis (artificial pesticides and fertilizers) and genetically modified organisms. There are many reasons to consume organic products, among the main highlights: being natural products that contain no additional additives, are grown in a way natural, something very similar to as used it to do long ago our grandparents, they contain no pesticides or genetically modified organisms, are often used traditional methods to cultivate products and a natural way of raising animalsthey are sustainable for the environment, ecological, not pollute the waters or are detrimental to the animals. It goes without saying that they do not contain any antibiotics or genetic modifications. But not all organic products are food, also there are cosmetic or household cleaning products. Organic cosmetics, is a trend that is becoming stronger, due to various factors such as pollution or climate change, increasingly our skin is more sensitive to external aggressions, why this kind of totally natural products are so beneficial to all, and to a greater extent for persons with dermatological problems, since they are completely hypoallergenic. In establishments specializing in organic products can find variety of hygiene and personal care products as creams, shampoos, conditioners, gels.

There are also plenty of products for the smallest of the House, how diapers, wipes and creams. But not everything are creams, are increasingly popular for home, how natural degreasers, cleaners ecological dishwasher, handkerchiefs of paper, toilet paper, etc. Ultimately, the market offers us many products and foods that are both good for us and help conserve our planet. It is in our hands is deciding that products consume and try to leave a world better than expected to our descendants. It is never late to raise awareness to the environment.


That the building at random, faceless high-rise building standard "Box", to build the first purchased the site at a reasonable price and receive a profit, companies now have to forget! – Says Andrew Zapevalov – Only a thorough knowledge of land and real estate markets in the region, knowledge of concurrency protection, market research, the development of the individual really attractive to clients of the project will facilitate the successful implementation of projects on the residential real estate of Crimea. With respect to falling prices for primary residential property caused by the crisis, in the opinion of most experts, the Crimea will survive its most easily. Of course, the expected 20% or 25% increase in prices for apartments southern coast it is not expected, however, a catastrophic fall in prices should be expected. According to experts with the crisis before the end of 2008 apartments in the regions of Yalta, Alushta, Sevastopol will drop no more than 10-15% (and we are talking about prices in dollars, taking into account growth rate which we can speak of continued growth in house prices in Euro). In this real estate of Crimea low-cost hardly more than a fall in price by 5-10%, mid-priced apartments can "lose weight" in costs by 10-15%, the same price of luxury housing and apartments (which ranges from 500 to 1 million USD or above) is expected to almost fall. According to experts of the company "Market-Crimea" in the crisis for builders and developers residential real estate of Crimea one of the most important tasks will be to find new financing methods. So one of the promising areas of real estate could become the Crimea in installments, which will exclude banks from the chain builder-buyer. Naturally, such a pattern of relations may be a "shoulder" only big companies with their own funds. According to experts, the accumulation of pent-up demand due to a number of conservation objects can lead to stabilization and then an increase in housing prices in the Crimea is in the 2nd half of 2009, while proposals for this period will be less..


The savings measures adopted by the Ministry of health and the CC.AA will help the pocket of the State but not so much to the pharmacists. And it is that Asefarma, one of the consultants of leading pharmacies in our country (, believes the recent Covenant of health and of the autonomous communities to reduce 1.5 billion euros of course will again affect the profitability of pharmacies. A further fall of the price of drugs and the intensive use of generics will affect the profitability of pharmacies that will have to sell more to earn the same or less, tal and comoafirma Carlos Garcia-Maurino, its managing partner. Also counseling believes that this clipping, the situation of crisis that we suffer, is only the beginning of others that might come. I understand there could even be more, because in a context of crisis, with widespread cuts spending, the heading pharmaceutical is one of the most sensitive and easy to attack as have the figures to the cent. Like this things the recipe Asefarma proposes to vaccinate against this reduction in profitability and others coming is not other that the dump in the active management of the pharmacies.

The pharmacist to avoid further losses have to work in areas such as purchasing and stock management, training of personnel, marketing plans, fidelity plans, human resources, manuals of procedure, etc., in order to optimize the management of the pharmacy. There is a wide margin of improvement in numerous pharmacies Spanish applying these concepts, which can reach 30-40% on average in the increase of profitability. From Asefarma provides clients the tools and the necessary counselling so that they implement them successfully, ends Garcia-Maurino. About ASEFARMA: ASEFARMA, S.L. is a global consultancy of pharmacies and pharmacists with areas of buying and selling of offices of pharmacy, tax, labor, accounting, financial, insurance, legal and strategic consultancy committed to finding solutions to the problems arising from the professional activity of the pharmacist, with a direct and continuous contact with their customers, which they reported the innovations that occur in all areas above, and how affect both to them and to their pharmacy.


When it seemed that it was normalizing the situation, after the disorders caused by the workers of Aerolineas Argentinas that left thousands of travelers stranded in Ezeiza, a strike by workers of Lan, again complicated the picture. This morning, surprisingly, workers in the company’s Lan, characterized by providing cheap flights to Chile, Peru and Argentina, began a strike indefinitely. The conflict arose between the company’s flights asafatas and further complicated the situation that lived in Ezeiza, violated by the closure of Aeroparque. The LAN company cabin crew, grouped in the Association of aeronautical personnel (Atcpea), and cab crew announced that they not inteded measurement to both not mediate the Ministry of labour. Meanwhile, sources of the mentioned Ministry, voiced the authorities this morning issued a compulsory conciliation to unlock the situation that keeps unemployed domestic and international flights. Paula Marconi, general secretariat of the Union comprising staff in conflict, stated this morning that the measurement of force was declared after failing claims that full implementation of the labour agreement of the sector.

Trade Union action already prevented the departure of the first six flights scheduled for this morning and threatens the rest of the programme of activities of the company. The labour agreement is being violated and the aeronautical standards, therefore are not respecting, unemployment will remain until you intervene the Ministry of labour, warned Marconi in dialogue with the press from the air terminal. Also estimated that in the event that if handed down the mandatory conciliation, workers they will abide by the provision. On the other hand, the unionist denounced that the LAN company is negotiating with the Asociacion Argentina de Aeronavegantes, and there does not have any affiliated worker. Meanwhile, Pablo Querol, spokesman for Lan Argentina, told the media that the company has not registered any complaint about the course breach by the company of the Convention and invited representatives of the Guild to contact the offices of the company or to the headquarters of the Ministry of labour.