Anthropological Research

The present research has as subject and ‘ ‘ the religious aspects inside of the daily one of carimb in the new quarter of Marapanim’ ‘ it aims at to the cultural and religious valuation in the Amaznia, therefore carimb possesss a sincretismo between the European, aboriginal and African peoples, of showing the valuation of each culture in one alone regional phenomenon. Carimb has as to teach to keep a tradition of the city, through its poetical cantos and danantes rhythms, therefore and a content little studied in the region north, rare academic works found on religion and carimb and sufficiently superfluous, to put the authors who had made analyzes is not of the region of the North and yes of other regions countries, leaving an incognito in this area, them I did not define if ha existence of the religion inside of the culture of carimb, although they to have done a work directed more toward cultural area of our region in its texts find if some historical fragmentos of escape of the blacks and its religious rituals in century XVIII in Par, this sufficiently influenced the habits of the inhabitants that if found in that proximity, to put with its instruments will have small modifications for reason of the limited extension offered for the environment, being normal for they, therefore since its arrival to this continent its accessories had had of making a convenient combination. For assistance, try visiting RioCan . . Then the worked one goes to be carried through in Marapanim for the reason to have a great amount of masters of carimb, and the valuation that these groups disponibilizam to understand and repass in music the necessity of the daily one of its lives to the too much cities, without making harmful protest to the too much authorities. Also this sufficiently rich city and in history, mainly of Afro-descendants who had brought its customs of burrow drum and to agitate with its sambas to a great one mesclassem of indian with black, and caboclos, the limitation of the research perpassa for the existing religious symbols in twirls of carimb, is if carimb appeared of one practises religious Afro together with the aboriginal, leaving the sacred one passing to the profane side of the society having in consideration a not Christian vision in analyzes of research.