Military Dictatorship

The project of a spine Tedulo Lopez Melndez the 23 of January of 1958 fell the military dictatorship of Marks Perez Jimnez. The 23 of January of 2010 a multitude advanced in sense in opposition to the site where the power is located. In the end, the multitude was with speakers that did not make reference some to the problems keys that affect the Venezuelan democracy. The same behind schedule, a empecinado and stultified government, removed from grill of the television by cable to RCTV, already previously thrown of the open signal. It lead to the reaction of student manifestations in Caracas and one whichever cities of the country, manifestations that were similar an precise protest on an precise fact and, in no case, a state of popular insurrection against the present regime. The resignation of the Vice-president and his wife takes place the Minister of the Atmosphere. The regime alleged personal reasons, but it is evident that it was a rupture. The term resigns has its implications.

The renunciantes civil servants were replaced by unconditional hard. The regime resorted to loosen to its incarnated dogs of prey in the armed bands that serve to him as support, triggering, especially in the city of mortal Merida, confrontations between civilians, which at first could be seen like spyings military civil. The conclusion: mortal victims, numerous wounded, destructions wholesale, when not existing a State that resorts wisely to the use of the containment resources, or mix that them interchange or them with armed civilians. (Similarly see: Natalie Ravitz). Then, we have seen as the protests go out, with the exception of some cities of the rear area, where the causes come rather from the contantes blackouts which they are put under. Certainly, the reclamations by the closing of expression means seem, in this occasion, of shorter duration. Also, we have seen as the students have not been accompanied by the civil society that walked the 23 of January in a new action of absolutely intrascendente march, with the exception of some zones of the interior of country where frontal attacks against residential zones have taken place.