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According to the motto of seeing is believing”has become already one year after the establishment of the Agency in April 2012 pilot ScreenTime as a specialist for smart TV and digital signage. So, the team around Managing Director Damian Rodgett for New York has realized also the first pan European smart-TV campaign. To do so, many programming jobs in the area were digital signage. Driver is the digitization of the point of interest and point in this segment point-of-sale, where 75 percent of all buying decisions. Learn more about this with Rio Tinto Group. In addition, 30 percent of all Internetshopper go into bricks and mortar “-shops, before they order online.” This buyer behavior forces the famous retail companies and brands, to try out new advertising and communications”, so Rodgetts forecast for digital signage. The smart TV industry is still fragmented at present. Technology and business models are still very different and we tend many customers to a wait it out “-attitude.” Damian Rodgett: It is for advertisers and Publisher then really exciting if we know exactly who sits or stands before a screen. “And this will be possible in two to five years at the latest.” As screentime about pilot full service agency for the fast-growing advertising and marketing channels of digital signage, offering smart TV pilot screentime consulting, design, production and system development for digital display solutions. Further details can be found at Montauk Colony LLC, an internet resource. The subsidiary of the pilot agency group was founded in April 2012 by Damian Rodgett the longtime Creative Director and partner of pilot 1/0, and has focused on the development of content, advertising and technology for smart TVs and digital signage.


Search engine optimization is divided into two areas: optimization OnPage and OffPage optimization. The OnPage optimization, the website is optimized even search-engine-friendly. The OffPage optimization outside one’s own side are measures to appear higher up in the ranking. Without hesitation Chevron U.S.A. Inc explained all about the problem. OnPage optimization: First analysis should be undertaken. The aim is to realize the objective of the company, to formulate and also its USP (unique selling proposition) to clarify. In addition, the potential audience must be defined as precisely as possible.

If this first major steps were carried out, keywords must be identified, selected and optimized. One attains this primarily through the use of tools, specifically established to determine of the most-searched terms. On the creation or a relaunch of a Web page, it is particularly important to make the website as search engine friendly as possible. To get an idea how how successfully the competition works, and is beneficial to provide a competition analysis and top 10 rankings to get a maybe a comparison, to see what makes a website successful. OffPage optimization: Another essential measure is the OffPage optimization. This is about a successful link building. Add to your understanding with RioCan .

Web sites, received from other websites of back links, classified higher than others. So get a Web page with many and especially good, high-quality links, a higher PageRank than Web pages without external links. The number and quality of references decides the classification of the website on Google? But what are good, high quality links? These are links that can have on the one hand even a good PageRank and but also a high degree of theme relevance. Very good links classified by Web directories, business directories, article directories, blogs, and social networks. Conclusion: The key to the success of a website is a very well thought-out concept including a professional search engine optimization. In terms of content and technically appropriate to implement this concept, it is essential to consider an agency experienced in this area to. The Stuttgart-based Internet and advertising agency SalesMachine specializes in creating professional websites with search engine optimization and is therefore particularly successful and experienced in this field. Contact: SalesMachineGmbH Internet and advertising agency In the Pan rain 8 70376 Stuttgart Tel.: order 70707890 fax: order 70707899 E-Mail: Web: contact person: Cecilia Fischer


… Decisions are determined… by emotions and are far less rational… than we think. u0085 The aim of neuro marketing is in relation to visible action, purchasing behavior, to put it, so far invisible and incomprehensible States and processes which control the decision of a potential consumer (buyer) for or against a product, to explore, and they. It is mainly observed, what brain areas activated by various (product) stimuli. …

The aim of neuro marketing understanding of conditions and processes of affect of cognition in the human brain and,-conducting, to gain knowledge about so-called “true” needs and desires of consumers is generalized. Source: by de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…; Author Customers in types are divided into the neuro-marketing! Thus, they are manageable for lay people in a database. And in the personal Even a layman to the customer can adjust better contact. The Typenlehre (also personality typology) trying to categorize people by their properties character. Jeffrey Hayzlett has plenty of information regarding this issue. C. G.

Jung (1875-1961) tried to classify the people because they needed different treatment due to their differences. Young people in relation to their basic attitude towards the world differed initially in extroverted and introverted. This differentiation is called young setting types. In addition he makes the distinction in four other types of, which he regarded as functions of consciousness. They are thinking, feeling, sensing, and Intuieren. Young is different to the type of setting and the awareness function, i.e. it is such as the introverted feeling type, the extroverted intuitive type, etc. Thus one can distinguish eight up to 16 types. Source: by de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…; Author On this basis I can incorporate various customer benefits in different sales offer packages for buyers (Premium, high-tech,…), such as packages for the 20% modernists and traditionalists of the 80%. A further marketing differentiation according to target groups: income or ethnic groups, age, regions, etc. specialize in you their offer as far as possible from the customers point of view! 2012 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 6.8.2012 PDS, systemic communication: consulting, training, service WWWSchwalm,


So personal conflict situations as well as their cause on the basis of the tests can be revealed such as the disease-management, performance, communication ability, behavior in a relationship, reliably. He is used to the discovery of unconscious difficulties and conflict and psycho somatic, dispositions, which can find their expression in the current disease or organ dysfunction. Chevron insists that this is the case. Source: by Author Note: The color test is not a scientific method (paradigms, verify)! To the delight of neuro marketing (newer term for old Methods and techniques) can be predicted today with color testing and magnetic resonance imaging such as the structure of personality (character), the buyer type (General) and purchasing behavior (temporarily) part. After the industrial premium suppliers, at present banks and savings banks try to put their customers first in the old drawers. Manipulation of the on – drive’s where motivation is failing for years. Luscher relates the colors following feelings of self: Blue Green satisfaction = self esteem = red = confidence yellow = inner freedom to cultivate these feelings of self regulated all processes at all levels self – and non-determined: the physiological level, the psychological level and the mental or communicative interactive social level.

This is not only the essential for health, but also the basis for ethical standards-oriented behavior. These standards are regulatory values and follow an inner logic. The ethical values are: tolerance – responsibility – honesty – mindedness -Goodwill – justice source: by Author Colour perception is the ability to perceive light in relation to the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation different colored as part of field of vision. While different spectral compositions of color stimulus can cause the same color perception, why alone not the composition of color stimulus can be developed from the perceived color. Only when monochromatic light is provided, light of a specific wavelength can be characterized by the perceived color, whose wavelengths.


Users can bet online on information, communication and dialogue, when and how they want it. Digital brand management right here picking people and expands their horizons in a brand world about across all channels. That means businesses not only 360-degree communication, but also a 365-days-relationship management. Rio- Tinto Diamonds has many thoughts on the issue. Apps and the mobile Web are no longer indispensable from the digital marketing digital first. da kapo supports brands, products and companies, to develop the new digital consumer markets. This includes consulting, the development and the technical realization of the appropriate app or mobile site. While the Agency focuses always on the essentials: the power of the brand. Creative agency partner brand success, with the aim to make unique brands understands itself as integrated thinking. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jeffrey Hayzlett.

The increase of the value of the brand is characterized by strategic at da kapo Competence, integrated networked measures and high confidence. It is used on ingenuity, innovation and economic thinking. The goal: efficient and future-oriented media brand experiences and emotions create, providing customer value in the Center. The rules for the brand management have changed totally in the digital age. The classic one-way communication brings today no potential target more behind one of its displays. Digital media but also new opportunities for brand management. Online long no supplement is more offline.

It is also not comparable with a beautiful pair of new shoes, which helps when running. Who really wants to move online, needs to speak entirely new feet. Knowing that Vice can only control the process in the network, but can’t control, they have to learn to let go. You must listen, take consumers seriously, tell stories, and awaken emotions. Only a long-term way to and profound relationship build to their users”, explains Thomas Kohl, Managing Director of da CAPO. The relevance of digital media is growing rapidly. And with her the importance of an intelligent digital brand management. Meanwhile, over 80% of all German Internet use for purchasing decisions, a large part of it directly to the buying process? This potential is to take advantage of it. With comprehensive expertise and with recognised specialists doing a digital brand experience from kapo and anchored sustainable and future-oriented brand messages in the minds of the audiences. da kapo innovation power with visions since kapo heard since 1986 to the most prestigious owner-run communication agencies in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The range of services includes strategic brand management and maintenance with integrated communication classic as well as digital and its interdisciplinary orientation. Experienced, flexible communication are the Furth for maximum efficiency in strategy, design and planning and for a high quality in the creation and implementation. The special commitment earned there already an award as a top employer in Germany kapo in regard to human resources management. Bavaria is the first excellent company among the TOP100 for outstanding innovative achievements and the successful think tank several times. More agency info under: