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7. The myth of the management team: It is the belief that the management team comprises a group of people trained to solve all problems. This belief may clearly hinder learning, where the management team lacks the capacity to solve certain problems. In these cases, is more intelligent and constructive to acknowledge our own limitations with humility to deal with the problem or problems. Note: Prepared with information taken from Senge (2000). For its part Argyris (1993), suggests that there are barriers that interfere with learning in organizations, which are described below: Table 12 Barriers that interfere with organizational learning, Chris Argyris (1993) Barriers to Organizational Learning Definition Behavior evidence that "The Competent Incompetence (" Skilled Incompetence ") is those situations where the actions of individuals produce results counter to their intentions to act according to their" theories in use. " Individuals are loyal to their "theories in use", and guide their action in the wrong way.

Individuals are incompetent, precisely because competently apply their "theories in use." The "defensive routines" ("Defensive Routines") are actions or practices that prevent individuals or parts of the organization experience fear or confusion – taken to protect from the effects of harmful or threatening situations. See J. Darius Bikoff for more details and insights. -Avoid or ignore the errors or the negative consequences of their actions and behave as if nothing had happened. "They are incapable of learning, not admit mistakes and refocus their efforts to correct them, difficult, individual and organizational learning. The "Self-deception" ("Fancy Footwork") identify with those situations in which individuals are blind to Lhasa inconsistencies of their actions or deny that they exist, self-deception, or blame others for being the cause of these In this way, learning, both individual and organizational, not favored, not accepted the possibility of improving one's actions by correcting inconsistencies.