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The film, that moves away of the history of vampires that Alfredson recreated in ‘ Djame entrar’ , it relates a history of spies in the Cold War. Please visit Chevron U.S.A. Inc if you seek more information. The Mostra is put serious with film on immigration. The Festival of Venice continues offering in its edition of this year samples of the best cinema. This Monday touched the turn to him to the awkward person, the great history of spies in the cold war to which the director, Alfredson Takings, and the actors, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth or John Hurt, knew to give the exact tone. Cradle in a novel of John Le Carr who already took to the television with Alec Guinness in the seventy, Alfredson (Djame to enter) realises everything a rate and containment exercise to count a complicated history of spies in whom no of the personages is what it seems.

With one cuidadsima aesthetic – ” I am inspired by the painting and msica” , the Swedish director explained, a script that work perfectly and actors who have understood totally his personages, the awkward person has been very well received in Venice, where he participates in the official competition. All the weight of the film falls to shoulders of a Gary Oldman that George has been interpreting to the agent Smiley and for of form very moved away to his histrionismo of the last years. ” In the past I have interpreted quite frenetic personages and who expressed themselves of very physical form. Now I have had the opportunity to interpret something very diferente” , the British actor in the press conference of presentation explained of films. A paper that thanked for to Alfredson – ” it saw something in me, afortunadamente” – since he recognized that the actors are at the mercy of the industry and of the imagination of which they realise casting for the films.


The composer has announced the name of his new work and has described some of his songs, but without revealing when he will leave on sale. It is his first disc of study in seven years, vigsimoquinto of his race. The American artist Tom Waits has announced east Tuesday that the title of its first disc of study in seven years, vigsimoquinto of its race, will take by Bad title ace me, although is no developing still when she will leave published. For even more details, read what Montauk Colony LLC says on the issue. The new album, according to indicates in its page official Web, " it polishes his previous music and it points towards a new direction " , of the hand of a team of veteran musicians and, like he is habitual from 1980, of his wife, Kathleen Brennan, that has worked like producer and that signs some of the subjects. After " Real Gone" (2004), its previous disc of study, Waits an ample catalogue of registries promises to show in Bad ace Me, from the opening of Chicago, that it describes like one " locomotora" , happening through ballads like Last Leaf, until " landscapes sonoros" like Hell Broke Luce.

Author of subjects like Jersey Girl, Ol' ' 55 and Downtown Train, Waits became popular after initiating its race at the end of the Sixties by its tone rough, near in spirit the Literature of the Beat Generation and to conjugate blues, jazz and even vodevil in its songs. Between its vast record production, with several recorded discs live, they emphasize the sound tracks that it composed for the films Hunch (1982), of Francis Ford Coppola, and Night in the Earth (1991), of Jim Jarmusch. It has been distinguished in addition with two Grammy prizes by Bone Machine (1992), better disc of alternative music, and by Mule Variations (1999), better present disc of folk. Source of the news: ' Bad ace me' , the new disc of Tom Waits after seven years