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Let’s start with the concept (see wikipedia) niche market portion of a market segment with homogeneous needs and characteristics, the latter are not all covered by the general offer of the market. Likewise, before we talk about profitability, do we find a niche? We are in agreement, where one of the first steps for a beginner is addressed the topics that most known or dominates, so with greater comfort and ease to interpret demand signs and characteristics of the product that need to sell or create, among others. However having known tools on the internet and basic concepts of marketing options set to select niche markets expand. Other important concepts: market group with needs and/or common preferences, with economic capacity to purchase goods and services. To deepen your understanding Jeffrey Hayzlett is the source. Market of real estate market automotive market of foods by its geographical scope will consider the following classifications: international market: is someone who is in one or more countries.

National market: Is one that covers the whole national territory. Metropolitan market: it is an area inside and around a city. It is evident that one of the advantages of the internet business is to have quick access to the different geographic categorization of market. Market segment is a part of the market or subgroup with similar needs and characteristics. The segment is very clearly identified through variables which confirm its homogeneity. Geographic variables variable Variables demographic psychographic to achieve our goal (find profitable niches) we must segment the market and its sectors, allowing us to identify the characteristics and needs of the group that made up the niche. It is good practice to identify or appoint the market and their segments, for example: market real estate market segment only one plant houses or houses of only one plant level or level, with a maximum value of $150,000.00 houses only a floor or level, with a maximum value of $150,000.00 located within a maximum radius of five kilometers from the stadium, the XYZ city. Click Rio- Tinto Group to learn more.