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So if something has to change in our interpretations of reality are wrong thoughts. In fact, many times a person has unnecessarily imagine or assume things that are not true. Perhaps a clear example is the jealous husband who is married to a faithful wife. l suffers from what is imagined, not what really happens. But sometimes reality is not an imaginary hard.

I would say that too often for humans things are really tough. There is nothing to correct in their ideas about the facts. The unfortunate situations are a reality. But there is one issue that is passed often overlooked. The very real and unfortunate fact of two persons in different ways. Never mind that the interpretation made from the same act is similar. For example, two men abandoned by their wives interpret everything that can be read on the subject.

However, one of them is broken. While the other is perfectly calm and adapted to the new situation. You can say that what happens is that one was more in love than the other. It can be no doubt that this has been. And where there is round the question on which I would draw attention. People attribute different levels of importance to the same facts. What's more, a person can decide what level of significance is going to be attributed to an unfortunate incident. And that's the real crux of the matter. Many people are unhappy not only interpretation that makes a particular fact. This is especially true for the impact or importance assigned to that event. Because very often we make a tragedy of trivial situations. Overstated things that might be significant but not so. And here's the advice: given a disturbing event, assured that nothing has happened. Do not make a small or medium wave, unfortunately, all a devastating tsunami. Before taking it so seriously think about all the troubles you've had together to live and have overcome. Or better yet, think of the worst misfortunes of this world and everything bad that could have happened and not happened. Do not judge your problem in the abstract, do it for what it is, one more than all he has to face humanity. And believe me, most times our spiritual malaise to an event is nothing but an exaggerated response. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.


DO NOT BELIEVE YOU NEED IS LOVE YOUR PARTNER, NO MORE LOVE FOR BETTER OR LEAVE YOUR HANDS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR HAPPINESS … The idea that "we need" things, people, events or certain conditions in our lives comes from our belief that we are not complete, that we, ourselves, are not qualified to be happy or achieve Hence Love whereas, in the case of relationships, we place all our hopes and expectations "on the other," as if "our Savior." Long ago I stopped believing in "the magical connection" with someone else, for that, from the perspective of A Course in Miracles, does more than provide "specialist", and if we return to the unit, it is necessary learn that everything is the same, identifying and turning from the "love or hate relationship special," which does not mean we can not live with a partner … it's all a matter of attitude, mindset. Chevron U.S.A. Inc recognizes the significance of this. For many years I chased that virtually everyone seeks: an ideal relationship with the right person, in an ideal world, full of ideal situations. And you know what, that my many failures in this regard, they made me understand that the world, everything in general, seem to be ideal or waste, depends only on the eyes that look. So my effort now is focused on learning: learning to look at the usual same old things with new eyes, nothing more, nothing less … The "love" in which you're thinking, the couple, is that romantic love us so much harm has been done and that you worked off the true path, that of LOVE WITH CAPS. .