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News – Antique.com 20,2011 Jul DALLAS, TX The original 1967 cover art for the Amazing Spider-Man #49, by legendary comic book artist John Romita, Sr., featuring Spidey in a seemingly impossible bind between Kraven the Hunter and the Vulture, One of the major highlights of this weekend’s Comic – with convention is the premiere of the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man in Hall H. However, after a leaked version of the trailer for Marc Webb’s reboot hit the Web on By Daily Mail Reporter She She has promised fans that there will be plenty of romance between her and co-star Andrew Garfield in the the new Spider-Man film, hinting that the pair share an current kiss. And in a new teaser trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man. This franchise has spanned television series, comic books, graphic novels, Halloween costumes and, of course, movies. The most recent addition to. The trailer of the upcoming Spider-Man movie The Amazing Spider-Man that was earlier leaked has now been officially released..