The Goals

If our goals will not be in congruence with our deeper values, hardly will be satisfied with our lives. Exactly reaching the goals, if they they will not be in harmony with what really our heart asks for, we will feel an interior emptiness that will be able leaving in them confused and without direction. We are very important all to know for where we go and as we go to arrive there. The success people have obtained to survive and to be successful, establishing a well defined vision of future and establishing strategies to construct the waited success. We have that to define in clear way our vision of future and need to have an action plan that will become Real this our vision. To write my future, I am based on the familiar ones that they had obtained to establish goals and they had conquered its dreams and accomplishments. Currently I intend to be architect, since I have vocation for drawings and calculations, however this does not disable alterations in my project of life.

I have clear goals to carry through my dreams and force to materialize them. SO THAT TO HAVE A LIFE PROJECT? According to Fan (200_), in the period of infancy the child is very tied with the parents, is they who thinks, they desire, they idealize and they choose the form and the ways that its life will have. Already in the adolescence, many conflicts occur because the young does not accept more what the others determine for its life. In this period we differentiate in them of our family and we discover who we are and what we want, which our desires and projects. It is not an easy moment, but it is very important since it is in these choices that the young search itself exactly. ' ' They arrive until the edge, said it.