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As Christian I have the duty not to leave to deceive me, I have the duty to fight for the truth and justice. Jeffrey Hayzlett is likely to increase your knowledge. as man, I have the duty to watch over so that the society human being the same does not suffer catastrophic collapse that behind suffered to the civilization from the old world 2 a thousand years? a civilization that was taken the ruin for this exactly people judeu.' ' Speech of the Adolf in 12 of April of 1942, Munique Source: Internet Will be then that, in the same way that it attributes ' ' descrena' ' of a man to cometar such crime, we pdoemos to attribute the belief of hitler in Jesus Christ to justify what it made? The religion is taking airs unimaginable, in full century XXI, people if they leave to lead for personal and egoistic ideas of religious pseudo-leaders, to feed the hope of that everything does not finish, or only to fill the cultural emptiness that gives respota easy and convenient for all the mysteries to it of the universe, You unite is on that the religion if bases, in convenience, this is the main bedding of the Christian religo in the case, and says this for proper exeperiencia, I married in finishes sixth fair day 28 of January of 2011, and the father of mine current wife, he is shepherd, and as of prache, it made one ' ' pregao' ' in our marriage, and one of the things that the attention called me, he was when it stopped to read a versicle of the bible where he speaks on the woman to be ' ' submissa' ' to the man, what it makes with that my thesis is proven was when it explained what he means submissa ' ' in biblia' ' , it spoke that submissa it is, to respect, to love, to want the good, always to look optimum for its man, among others things, what really test what I am speaking.