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It is expected that tablets of the company, both the 10 inch version 7, costing 250 dollars, which would help them to succeed in the market dominated by the Cupertino. Credit Suisse believes that two tablets of 7 and 10 inches that Amazon could launch in the coming weeks will be a few strong competitors from the market and that they might lose market share to Apple and its iPad. Experts have laid down 27 percentage points, this is reduced to 59% in 2012 with respect to the year 2011. Is hoped that the low price of devices from Amazon be its strong point. On the other hand, companies in Asia have declared having received orders from the retailer for the manufacture of a large number of tablets. As I was already published in may, Amazon will launch two terminals, one 7 inch and another 10, both based on the Android platform. According to some rumors that have come from companies in the supply chain in China and Taiwan, 10 inch tablet could have 3 G connectivity and cost around 250 dollars, figure that is surprising, since this is what was expected for the device of 7, and price that could be called Amazon Kindle. According to Financial Times, Amazon has charged its suppliers of the above-mentioned places in Asia material for the manufacture of between 2 and 3 million tablets for the year 2011 and to 10 million units in 2012. The retailer has high expectations and analysts believe that the terminal could be very successful. So much so that Forrester Research estimated that the company could be marketed easily between 3 and 5 million tablets in the last three months of 2011. The conditions to enable it to give, is that the price of the devices is low and that seems to be so yes, if confirmed rumors Pablo.