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Questions will be investigated which, can be: how have we lived so far? What needs do we have for the future? How can we achieve it? Trust as a foundation of any partnership to rebuild and to establish new close is particularly important. If both are willing to go through such a process, the result can be that they reach a level in a row together, which is better quality than what was there before, and both want not come back before the time of the page jump. Every crisis is to be regarded as a touchstone for the learning capacity of the partners and the value of the relationship: because it comes to learn of the action for the future, to learn a style of communication that is borne by respectful sincerity, mutual recognition and deep affection, and to make transparent the own experience, find and feel the partner. Add to your understanding with Diamonds. To do so is to learn also loyalty and to believe, i.e. an appropriate act must follow the word, so that the other can really believe as well as mutual trust and mutual respect.

A fling can be quite an opportunity in this sense. It can be but also, if for example the relationship already for a very long time was very burdened and both had given up more and more, that then a fling can be also trying finally to find a replacement, which would have been difficult without a page jump. It can be observed that couples can become mired in many conflicts, but it then hard who is really to separate if they have lived together for many years. There is then a continuous back and forth, and want to live together, not daring but also a separation. In such cases, often creates a situation of love-hate relationship, which of course is very unsatisfying and frustrating for both sides. In such a situation, a fling for both partners can be then the opportunity finally to understand this distinction and to formulate it as a clear decision.

The cheating can bring also the barrel to overflowing and the Chain of mutual violations can be so great that there is no turning back. Only if both really have the desire to continue the relationship, if they see so much positive substance in the shared history that it worth to fight for it and if they can engage in new experiences, chances are what requires sincerity from both sides, to save the relationship. What can men and women do prevention, so that it comes not to the crisis and to the Fling? It is important to continually work, i.e. hard to talk, to set apart and to maintain the mental and physical contact to the other in the relationship. Includes being open to communicate the own needs and wishes, but also criticism – see what: a lasting relationship needs the vitality and the efforts of both partners, which presupposes the sincerity and openness on both sides! It is also important to develop with each other and for each other to do something. The couple’s own relationship need of good care, the same attention and devotion to dedicate is the partner, wished everyone in relation to his own person. For more information about the topics of couples therapy, sex therapy, marriage counseling or psychotherapy, on the Web page: practice of couples therapy and psychotherapy Friedhelm Schwiderski from Bonningstedt near Hamburg.