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SNCF and RFF meet with DuPont? Technology and environmental requirements in a future-oriented rehabilitation project for a part of the French national railway network, the scientific and technical company DuPont, the rail network operator Reseau Ferre de France (RFF) and the French railways (SNCF) cooperate Typar. Thanks to this forward-looking cooperation developed a technically and ecologically innovative solution for the rail network of the future. The northern part of the Moret/Veneux-les-Sablons – Lyon railway line was built in 1860; the last renewal of the ballast body and the track was 1975 currently for reasons of safety and sustainability the routinely carried out maintenance work on the roadbed were no longer sufficient. A comprehensive renewal required above all the deterioration of the ballast body as well as the pollution of Earth. The stability of the track was not the only size to consider. In particular for reasons of environmental protection, it was also to keep its emissions at a glance.

So, the railway line near Nemours crosses a water protection area, where the usage of herbicides will be banned soon. Just this prohibition requires a new solution to the problem of weediness. At the same time, this solution should ensure the long lasting reliability and performance of the track network. For this reason, searched for RFF and the technical Planning Department of SNCF after alternative solutions for the control of weeds, especially in protected areas. Especially against the background that exactly these demands still continue to grow in the future. This search led to a new partnership between RFF, SNCF-IG and DuPont.

You started a so far unique in France first large-scale trial with non-woven materials, which undergo a special practice long term test. All IMDS environmental protection aspects, laying of weed non-woven fabric is also a more economical alternative to herbicides. To minimize the errors of the rail traffic during the railway construction work, was only at night with Help a State of the art multi-function track construction machine worked.


Interesting home textiles good quality bed linen from Maco satin, damask bed linen and satin Swiss have their price. This realizes the user especially if bed linen or towels were washed several times. Are the seams is warped, the goods became hard and unpleasant? In high-quality home textiles this may be not the case. Bed linen and tablecloths can be as easy or hard iron, towels stay beautiful fluffy. And particularly strong fashionable colors remain long. Mainly there are three ranges in home textiles: bed linen, tablecloths and towels such as towels. The range of bedding including fitted sheet taking the largest share. Looking at the theme bed linen now more precisely, you will inevitably different grades, in which bedding is manufactured.

These can be for example satin, Swiss satin, damask, or even simpler kind of like seersucker. High-quality bed linen should always all the aforementioned are pure cotton Qualities consist of pure cotton, the best cotton at brand bed linen. Cotton is is fine and smooth, yet durable. Now, the cotton in different manner to material can be processed. You get a particularly smooth and dense goods in satin, with large differences in quality between Maco satin and Maco satin. A decisive factor is certainly the tightness and the amount of cotton, which is processed on one square centimeter.

Often that reveals itself even with the naked eye. Is the satin fabric slightly translucent or very tight? At the latest after the first wash, but then every layman can detect the result. Where little material on one square centimeter has been processed, the product is strong and above all unevenly. High-quality Maco Satin Bed linen is only about 3-5% and retains a uniform shape with straight seams, even after several washes. A level is fine and elegant Swiss Satin Bed linen. This is finer Cotton weaves together as in Classic Satin. Swiss satin bedding is not only fine, but at the same time slightly shiny and wonderful tightly woven. Nevertheless or precisely why it remains exclusive Baumwollware very hautsympatisch and good absorbent – very pleasant in the summer! Simple indication of the exclusivity of Swiss satin: no discount offered by Swiss Satin Bed linen. Good stuff has just its price. While smooth satin and Swiss satin sheets are dyed and printed, damask bed linen characterised by elegant typically small and even woven pattern. Often you can find small flower patterns or playful tendrils. But also elegant strips are very nice to look at. Since the patterns are woven and not printed, arise very beautiful iridescent gloss effects on the damask bed linen or on the damask tablecloth, which can impact always different depending on the light. Easy to understand that the price is also often with the kind of pattern in connection: ever playful and geographical patterns, the manufacture of the substance is more expensive. Higher prices not only through better basic goods, but often also due to a more expensive or unusual pressure pattern produces printed bed linen. The collections of the famous German brand-name manufacturers design Designer. This speaks of exclusivity and relevance in color and pattern. Still the respective trader sets a last accent in the composition of the price. He provides detailed expert advice by trained personnel? It offers extra service? Consulting and service want to be paid of course. For this the customer can ensure however, having acquired the right bed linen in a great design and high quality. Shop.NK-bielefelderwaesche.de.