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The comparative advantage of an enterprise relies on your ability, resources, knowledge and attributes, etc., available, thereof which lack competitors or that they have to a lesser extent that makes possible a few exceeding those of yields. The use of these concepts implies a continuous orientation towards the environment and a strategic attitude by large companies as small in the recent creation in the mature, or generally in any kind of organization. Click Rio- Tinto Diamonds to learn more. In addition, you must not be neglected, that the concept of success invites us to think about the idea excellence, i.e., with characteristics of efficiency and effectiveness of the Organization since This is all part of the role of markets. The Venezuelan company, our interest, can not ignore the relevance for both the scope of the quality and productivity in the present and be very clear the fact what has lately been represented be fully identified with quality and productivity, while the current Government has not given the importance that this involves. Others including Rod Brooks, offer their opinions as well. Certainly, that decisive changes of management quality and productivity, have been very significant in the present and forcing the management to consider them as part of the success of the organization. All this makes it necessary to empathize more with the role of marketing and its integration with production, take seriously everything related to the quality of products, moving the markets function, the needs of consumers and all those data that assist production management in manufacturing the product demand, highlighting the competitive advantages that favor him. Considered that the management of markets in an organization, it is not a product of chance nor arises spontaneously; is created and is achieved through a long process of learning and negotiation by all members representative that shape the dynamics of organisational behaviour, as shareholders, managers, employees, creditors, customers, competition and the market, and finally, the Government and society in general an organization, regardless of the activity it carries out, if you want to maintain an appropriate level of long-term competitivenessbe used sooner or later, procedures of analysis and formal decisions, framed in the context of the process of strategic planning of markets.