Tag: <span>psychological landscapes</span>

This city received us with printed and explicit violence. To exit the airport on the way to a bus, was paralyzed to see a slogan in a police car that read as follows the violence in the household this unjustified really am Los Angeles? How is that a USA police car have this wake-up call in Castilian language it possible? I looked and remire to my around, certainly at a Spanish airport was not, or Mexican, nor any other Spanish-speaking. Once at the bus stop confirmed that it was where was intended to be, but still the phrase beat even my brain to what extent you have to get the violence for a police vehicle issued that message, and in Castilian? It is what the violence only occurred in the Hispanic community?. When, with my map in hand came the bus a whose hostess I asked if this would lead me to my destination and when I stated the friendly Lady began to scream desperately that we tiraramos to the ground. All travellers, they did so without asking and without complaint, but on me this event did not produce the same behavior but the reverse: look at what was happening my God! If it is not a movie: the cries became increasingly more desperate because of my disobedience – two black cars with the doors open and the sirens blaring were crossed on the street; those left eight policemen tiroteando two black men that ran like Gazelles in front of the bullets. When the persecution ended, had the driver in front of me, so close that I could see the ideas: was about to give me a punch by irresponsible. I sat trying to assimilate that brutality and began a journey of almost an hour and a half. The bus went through all the car parks at the airport picking up passengers and addressed some of the centers of Los Angeles.