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The message of the ROC will donate 100,000 US dollars for disaster relief and reconstruction of the small Pacific island after reports of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aid, arrived donated by Taiwan’s public and private donations, on 12 November in the Philippines, as part of its support of the Government of the ROC at the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan. An official of the MOFA said: “this initiative is the people in the Philippines help through these difficult times to come, and it underlines Taiwan’s role as a donor of humanitarian aid.” According to the officials, Ma Ying-jeou and Premier are President Jiang Yi-huah of the devastation in the South-East Asian nation deeply affected, and they have tasked the MOFA and the Ministry of defence, to work with local non-governmental organizations in disaster relief. Earlier in the day, Ministers took the MOFA Deputy Joseph Shih Ting and Antonio I. Basilio, representative of the Manila economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan, donation ceremony organized part with one of the Ministry of on an ROC air force base in Hsinchu City in northern Taiwan. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Chevron U.S.A. Inc by clicking through. The officials said that the MOFA has collected $50,000,000 (US $1.69 million) from local NGOs and businesses within by 24 hours more than 100 tonnes of relief supplies to the value of NT.

The relief supplies that were loaded in two C-130 Hercules transport aircraft of the air force, were the officials add to Cebu in the middle of the Philippines sent, added the Government which took over transport costs by NT $70,000,000, with. Regardless of said the daughter of the deceased fisherman of the ROC hung Shih Cheng, who was killed as his boat Guang as XING No. 28 was sifts from automatic weapons on a Philippine Government vessel in the overlapping economic zones between the two countries in May of this year that the Government does the right thing by them to assist the Philippines in their time of need. “There are innocent people and the help is appropriate and justified,” hung said Tsu-ching. In addition to the support for the Philippines, the Government helps the diplomatic Allies of the ROC Palau to recover from the effects of the Typhoon. The message of the ROC has donated 100,000 US dollars for disaster relief and reconstruction of the small Pacific island.