Pentup Demand

‘Soft factors’ are becoming increasingly important in the recruitment of Dusseldorf, October 09, 2010 – still a huge vacant Engineer jobs gap in Germany. Bearing in mind that with any engineering point – statistically – two more in research and commercial jobs, the economic dimension of this nauseating is abundantly clear. Current surveys see nearly 37,000 engineers alone for July of this year too little to cover the needs of German companies. According to a report in the financial times Germany (FTD), the topic of education is also becoming increasingly important for the entire profession. Because engineers take over increasingly management tasks, it involves skills in addition to purely technical know-how especially business knowledge and the so-called soft.

These include presentation techniques, communication skills or the ability to motivate self and others, as well as intercultural competencies “, as the FTD. And further: engineers themselves should therefore increasingly their own person as well as their values and deal not only with technical issues. The Munich-based career consultant Madeleine Leitner can confirm this. There are deficits in leadership and communication. Engineers are often very bad, when it comes to their own marketing’, has observed Leitner, who works a lot with engineers. Especially in the competition with economists, she withdraws the shorter therefore in many cases. Large companies offer sometimes already support in improving their interdisciplinary qualifications professionals”, as the daily newspaper.

That soft skills already in the process of setting play an important role, confirms Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. For the recruiter the task no longer demand facts therefore mere views and comparisons of qualification certificates, but in the questioning and evaluating the required soft or soft skills like team,. Conflict and criticism, discipline and esteem, motivation or ability to communicate – to only a few to mention “, so the staff expert. Soft so the conviction of the author Claudia Lange, increase skills finally the market opportunities of a company in the competition. “Who wants to inspire its customers sustainably, must exercise it with all your senses, so a core thought of her current book soft skills – customers sustainably delight”, which appeared at the beginning of the month in the Haufe Publishing House. It gives suggestions, an awareness of our own actions to develop and thus the expectations, specifically to recognize the needs and concerns of our customers. The common practice is of particular importance: the book includes many examples based on real-life experiences, which has made the author in his professional capacity as a management trainer and coach. Claudia Lange is a seasoned executive and expert for soft skills. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: info(at)