The 13 Demons Of Kobra Kai – Demon Of The Goddess Kaly

In a world where there is no concept of consciousness or space to the legend that was in the underworld of the 13 ancient Chinese demon who wanted fiercely to enter the world of the living and the dead to the world and despite a humble peasants to beat the gatekeepers of this world and these were immersed in the overwhelming ready to be raped by the most powerful demons that the world would never have thought yellow these are their names and skills. Demon Goddess Arnis Karly Life and death are combined in a game where there is a daughter of a demi-God and a woman, is known as the Goddess of Death for the Hindus, Kaly is within a cave sacred cave in which houses the sacred liquid who says that achieves fenced its waters will become immortal, the goddess Kaly has a lot of followers and those who serve Kaly be endowed with great strength is why it has a devil who is in charge of protecting it, either in the realm of the dead and the living, is the certainly truer kaly, all its essence this with just the sole purpose of protecting it, and exterminate the whole human being who wishes to disturb or take the sacred fluid which emanates from the cave sacred to the gods, all those who have have been trying to disrupt a long and painful agony. But it did something unheard of, he learns that his late goddess and died by the hands of one man who for only the stupid purpose of preserving the life of his race came to where the door of his beloved goddess was guarded and only a miracle since it defeated his beloved god, never forgiven for not having been present at that battle, now anxiously looking for that man who was responsible for this contempt, the destination is curious and even more, despite all the human came to he.

His name is Dragon Warrior Chee lotu leader of the five animals now struggling desperately to beat the devil 13 who wish to exterminate once and this humanity as corrupt but yet these humans oppose us like piece the hell, they want to save his beloved humanity. .