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The content remains the critical component in the marketing. Newspaper ads and flyers remain not concise in memory. Company must take the step into online marketing, because the Internet is a growing part in today’s society. Can a content being, inform and communicate at the same time? The combination of these properties lead to a relevant content that convinces its audience. It should be clear who is being addressed. Ideas can be implemented on the basis of a detailed analysis, strategy development, and a suitable design. This implementation requires also the monitoring of results. Only who knows how get its products on the market, can succeed in the long term. A brand is replaceable!” With this set, Dominic Multerer began his lecture and pointed out also during the lecture time and again on this. The young people are confronted with brand and ultimately also specify later generations further. To ensure this, products in memory must remain and in the marketing of the society to adapt. The question of whether to use social media for marketing his products, but as no longer remains. People, technology and time: Resources that are available indefinitely. A marketing requires people who distribute the product and at the same time, which they consume. The technology brings progress and increases the demand for innovation. The time presents a problem. Even though everything has become faster, it has to give away no one. Any new development or introduction requires time, many companies not available stands. As a result, many processes such as the introduction of stretch of online marketing in the length. By Mr Multerers exciting presentation, all prospective students could learn how important the customer is and that his opinion of the product can decide on the success of a company. This was illustrated by the final tip: Operates communication at eye level and puts you in the position of the customers”.