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May I? Or can’t I? This is what a lot of people ask yourself. But the concerns are mostly unfounded. At the present time, now includes an extra income for many people. For various reasons, an ancillary activity for many families is required. Basically, every citizen of our country has enshrined the right to free exercise of the profession, which is even in the basic law. As well, you can decide whether you want to take on a part-time job.

So the second job in addition to your professional activity. The Hayzlett Group brings even more insight to the discussion. Even if you students, student, retired, housewife (or homemade) or even unemployed are: you have a right to a second job! However, there are certain rules and regulations that keep in mind prior to or in the exercise of your sideline. Before you want to make an extra income, inform your employer or provide a permit. However, you have a principle of law on a part-time job after a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court. That also means that they in principle not are obliged to inform your employer of your sideline. However, if in your employment contract is prescribed, to inform your employer of your sideline, you should comply with this obligation in any case.

Prohibit your employer can’t do a part-time job you so. Only then, if the interests of the employer may be affected by the exercise of your second jobs. Many contracts contain the so-called “secondary clause”, which says, but that the exercise of ancillary activities (this also applies to free of charge! (Nebenjobs, wie zudem Beispiel: Ehrenamter) of the employer’s prior consent is required, unless the interests of the employer “shall not be affected by the sideline. When the employer shall prohibit a part-time job you? Below you will find cases in which your employer can prohibit your part-time job you, because his interests are violated.


The content remains the critical component in the marketing. Newspaper ads and flyers remain not concise in memory. Company must take the step into online marketing, because the Internet is a growing part in today’s society. Can a content being, inform and communicate at the same time? The combination of these properties lead to a relevant content that convinces its audience. It should be clear who is being addressed. Ideas can be implemented on the basis of a detailed analysis, strategy development, and a suitable design. This implementation requires also the monitoring of results. Only who knows how get its products on the market, can succeed in the long term. A brand is replaceable!” With this set, Dominic Multerer began his lecture and pointed out also during the lecture time and again on this. The young people are confronted with brand and ultimately also specify later generations further. To ensure this, products in memory must remain and in the marketing of the society to adapt. The question of whether to use social media for marketing his products, but as no longer remains. People, technology and time: Resources that are available indefinitely. A marketing requires people who distribute the product and at the same time, which they consume. The technology brings progress and increases the demand for innovation. The time presents a problem. Even though everything has become faster, it has to give away no one. Any new development or introduction requires time, many companies not available stands. As a result, many processes such as the introduction of stretch of online marketing in the length. By Mr Multerers exciting presentation, all prospective students could learn how important the customer is and that his opinion of the product can decide on the success of a company. This was illustrated by the final tip: Operates communication at eye level and puts you in the position of the customers”.


For employers we find also an increasing demand for professionals with knowledge of security”so Vesterling. How important are certificates? On the issue of certificates no general assessment can, however, give off. “Of course they do no harm, but also they do not have the same relevance for all occupational profiles,” explains Vesterling. While software developers require normally no certificates, they are significantly more important in the field of infrastructure, security or networking. “Generally we see but not necessarily certification as a guarantee of quality. Therefore, we would not recommend company to rely mainly on the fact”, stresses Martin Vesterling. Other factors are more important.

A certificate says simply that a person acquired particular expertise. Whether he can put it into practice, we do not know, however. In addition, is in Certifications the main basis especially, that man can acquire knowledge for an exam. For a CISSP certificate, issues must be resolved for example 250 multiple-choice in six hours. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mining has to say. This can be solved Not with short-term memory.

The most desirable employers for graduates In the views of the employers are sought after among IT students leaders from different sectors. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Chevron U.S.A. Inc. These include large consulting companies, companies from the automotive, aviation and aerospace industry, interesting software systems integrators, or research institutes. Exciting for career development, but often innovative companies from the middle class are correct. Medium-sized companies such as these offer more individual development and a wealth of experience opportunities your employees. Often can be perceived in such companies also rapid areas of responsibility to a greater extent. These benefits should be considered necessarily to own single-minded career development, Martin recommends Vesterling. Vesterling Personalberatung Vesterling Consulting GmbH is a leading, internationally active recruiters in the field of technology. Focus of activity by Vesterling is the search and selection (recruiting) of technical and professional experts in the segments of IT and engineering Executive Search CEO and Board level. Competence acquired the company in the strategic HR process consulting, as well as in the outplacement. The personnel specialist with headquarters in Munich was founded in 1995, is one of more than 1,500 companies among its clientele, and operates with 6 offices in Germany, of Switzerland, Austria and the United States.


The work placement between school and University chose the most high school graduates after their school career studying. The time between exams and study used usually to go on trips or relax. However this does not apply to anyone, because more and more universities require a so-called work placement, which is to complete before the start of the study. This internship is part of the licensing condition for many different universities, colleges and degree programs. It is an internship, which will be completed according to the course as a preparation for the study and to give a first insight into the profession. Typically, a work placement concerns especially students very practice-oriented courses such as engineering and technology, in particular, mechanical engineering, and electrical and information technology. What University or University of applied sciences, a work placement is required, is not generally regulated, but is determined by the respective universities and student councils. The advantage is already are those who have completed training, a voluntary social year or civil service can, because they can replace a work placement.

In some universities and universities of applied sciences, also rules, according to which a work placement within the first 4 semesters to complete consist with regard to the first internship. Generally speaking, if you’re planning a study, at an early stage should be coped the framework conditions, to have enough time to search for the internship and complete. Usually, the internship is organized independently and not allocated by the University. The advantages of a preliminary placement are obvious. Mining Company can aid you in your search for knowledge. One learns at an early stage what happen after studying, test his talents and find its strengths and weaknesses.

So it is possible to study clean lines to follow and work on his specific career aspirations. It is also possible to pull the emergency brake when the reality of work not with the expectations and performance correlated early and on a course to surge with this better agrees. In addition, contacts in internships, which may be useful also during their studies and after graduation in the career. Generally internships at the career affect particularly positive. Employers prefer generally applicants who have much experience. The work placement is thus far more than formality and can impact positively on the personal and professional career. Of course, the work placement has one disadvantage. Who enjoyed the free time between school and University and, for example, planned to take an extended trip which will not implement this plan probably can. An alternative might be in this case but an internship abroad. Thus it connects to a trip into the distance, his internship. Whether this possibility exists, should be discussed with the respective University.


‘Soft factors’ are becoming increasingly important in the recruitment of Dusseldorf, October 09, 2010 – still a huge vacant Engineer jobs gap in Germany. Bearing in mind that with any engineering point – statistically – two more in research and commercial jobs, the economic dimension of this nauseating is abundantly clear. Current surveys see nearly 37,000 engineers alone for July of this year too little to cover the needs of German companies. According to a report in the financial times Germany (FTD), the topic of education is also becoming increasingly important for the entire profession. Because engineers take over increasingly management tasks, it involves skills in addition to purely technical know-how especially business knowledge and the so-called soft.

These include presentation techniques, communication skills or the ability to motivate self and others, as well as intercultural competencies “, as the FTD. And further: engineers themselves should therefore increasingly their own person as well as their values and deal not only with technical issues. The Munich-based career consultant Madeleine Leitner can confirm this. There are deficits in leadership and communication. Engineers are often very bad, when it comes to their own marketing’, has observed Leitner, who works a lot with engineers. Especially in the competition with economists, she withdraws the shorter therefore in many cases. Large companies offer sometimes already support in improving their interdisciplinary qualifications professionals”, as the daily newspaper.

That soft skills already in the process of setting play an important role, confirms Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. For the recruiter the task no longer demand facts therefore mere views and comparisons of qualification certificates, but in the questioning and evaluating the required soft or soft skills like team,. Conflict and criticism, discipline and esteem, motivation or ability to communicate – to only a few to mention “, so the staff expert. Soft so the conviction of the author Claudia Lange, increase skills finally the market opportunities of a company in the competition. “Who wants to inspire its customers sustainably, must exercise it with all your senses, so a core thought of her current book soft skills – customers sustainably delight”, which appeared at the beginning of the month in the Haufe Publishing House. It gives suggestions, an awareness of our own actions to develop and thus the expectations, specifically to recognize the needs and concerns of our customers. The common practice is of particular importance: the book includes many examples based on real-life experiences, which has made the author in his professional capacity as a management trainer and coach. Claudia Lange is a seasoned executive and expert for soft skills. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: info(at)klartextonline.com