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They mobilize the entire community, representing an event that modifies the social configuration, modifies the relations and creates new citizens. The childbirth and the birth have everything this. Under most conditions The Hayzlett Group would agree. The initiation rites require a preparation, as it shows the experience of the Xavantes well. This time can be long, delaying years, or months, as in the case of the pregnancy and childbirth. Mainly, the rite alone will fulfill its function if the woman will be conscientious of what she is happening, assuming the confident and firm pregnancy and directing themselves, although the fears and difficulties that always can observe route its outcome: parto.CONSIDERAES FINAISPara better understanding on some forms of the childbirth and birth, if made necessary to make a differentiation between rite and myth, being approached the ritual as ‘ ‘ way for which the things are ditas’ ‘.

Ahead of these information we perceive that the myths and rites, they influence in the process of childbirth and birth, and that they differ each culture for involving physical aspects in accordance with, emotional and economic. that although the universality of the presence of the myth it is not in universal itself, therefore what it is fact for ones, can not be for others. Referncias1. Bux MJR. Woollen anthropology to mujer: cognition, lengua and cultural ideology, Barcelona (ESP): Anthropos: 19882. Adriana T.N. of a hisses Meat if the childbirth of low risk seen for the optics of the Dissertao women makes verb presented to the Board of examiners of the Pontifical University Catholic of So Paulo.


Clinical manifestations The manifest torcica endometriosis – clinically for symptoms of cyclical occurrence generally in the two first days of the menstruation. It more frequent affects the pleura and the fabric pulmonary subpleural, disclosing as pneumotorax and hemotorax catameniais (73% and 14% of the cases, respectively). Pneumotorax associated to the endometriosis is esteem that it represents 2,8 5.6% of all pneumotorax spontaneous in the women. More rare, the illness occurs exclusively the level to intrapulmonar, disclosing for hemoptises (7% of the cases) or assintomticos pulmonary nodules catameniais (6%). Pain frequent torcica and, affecting 90% of the sick people. The rarer dispnia and, being related only in one tero of the cases. The incidence of the pleurais and parenquimatosas injuries, although to be able to occur bilaterally, seems to be more frequent of the right side.

Distinguishing diagnosis Before I diagnosis assuming it of torcica endometriosis, will have to be excluded some patologias with similar symptoms. For the pulmonary endometriosis, I diagnosis it differential must be made with recurrent patologias that cause hemoptises, nominated tuberculosis, bronquiectasias, neoplasias and syndrome of Goodpasture. I diagnosis it differential of pneumotrax includes pneumotrax spontaneous elementary school, pneumotrax spontaneous secondary for other etiologies and pneumotrax for trauma. It is called, however, the attention for the fact of pneumotrax catamenial to be able to occur without being associated to the endometriosis, being presumably caused by the air ticket of the feminine genital treatment for the peritnio and from there for the thorax through the defects congenital in hemicupula diafragmtica right. Diagnosis the key for it I diagnosis of this pathology and the catamenial character of the symptoms. Pneumotrax, hemotrax or hemoptises coincident with the menstruation must be suspected of torcica endometriosis in women in age fertile who appear with a clinical picture of recurrent episodes of pain torcica. The confirmation generally diagnosiss and difficult to get (less of one tero of the cases).