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7. The myth of the management team: It is the belief that the management team comprises a group of people trained to solve all problems. This belief may clearly hinder learning, where the management team lacks the capacity to solve certain problems. In these cases, is more intelligent and constructive to acknowledge our own limitations with humility to deal with the problem or problems. Note: Prepared with information taken from Senge (2000). For its part Argyris (1993), suggests that there are barriers that interfere with learning in organizations, which are described below: Table 12 Barriers that interfere with organizational learning, Chris Argyris (1993) Barriers to Organizational Learning Definition Behavior evidence that "The Competent Incompetence (" Skilled Incompetence ") is those situations where the actions of individuals produce results counter to their intentions to act according to their" theories in use. " Individuals are loyal to their "theories in use", and guide their action in the wrong way.

Individuals are incompetent, precisely because competently apply their "theories in use." The "defensive routines" ("Defensive Routines") are actions or practices that prevent individuals or parts of the organization experience fear or confusion – taken to protect from the effects of harmful or threatening situations. See J. Darius Bikoff for more details and insights. -Avoid or ignore the errors or the negative consequences of their actions and behave as if nothing had happened. "They are incapable of learning, not admit mistakes and refocus their efforts to correct them, difficult, individual and organizational learning. The "Self-deception" ("Fancy Footwork") identify with those situations in which individuals are blind to Lhasa inconsistencies of their actions or deny that they exist, self-deception, or blame others for being the cause of these In this way, learning, both individual and organizational, not favored, not accepted the possibility of improving one's actions by correcting inconsistencies.


Lovers of Polish food must not travel to Poland, to indulge in the pleasure of taste. Who like to Cook, draws on ready-made recipes, for Kochfaule online shops offer ready-made meals. Many Germans, who have spent their holidays in Poland at least once, have the taste of Polish cuisine in memory often very long time – except the deep impressions of the still largely pristine countryside, unless in the Masurian Lake District, unless in Bieszczady Mountains, or in Bialowieza Forest on the Belarusian border, except for the interesting encounters with the Polish hosts -. This is true for the German palate is by far not as exotic as the Asian or about African cuisine, yet you could find rather a Thai restaurant in recent decades in many German cities, let alone by the many Chinese, Indian or Vietnamese localities, as an established House, where you can access a rich menu of Polish specialties. While you eat Eastern neighbours as well as the Germans traditionally prefer something fatter than skinny, and thick sauces which they have at the ready for all kinds of meat preparation.

Before that, there is usually a wide variety of soups, with highlights such as Borschtch (red beetroot soup), Liliana (intestine soup), Zurek (sour soup), Krupnik, fungal, cucumber, tomato, sauerkraut -, rhubarb – or cherry soup, for the first meal of lunch. Those who not do not want the meat at dinner, nor vegetarian come too short with Polish cuisine. The latter will find diverse cooked vegetables, such as Spinatt, eggplant, Zucchini, flowers, white and red cabbage on the Polish menu. The potatoes carry only the top of the Insert. Buchweizen-, millet and barley groats were mainly to be found on the Polish dish.

Now pasta and rice among the winners of Polish palate pleasure. Finally, to round out the taste, there are desserts. Are poppy, Apple and cheese cake Classic. But Mazurek – Almond Cake are already a specifically Polish invention in its composition. Dishes for the holidays make a special Department of the Polish cuisine. The Christmas there are well-formed 13 dishes, all without meat. Some of them are fruit soup, fried carp, Pierogi (dumplings) with sauerkraut and mushrooms, herring in vinegar or oil, mushroom sauce, poppy seed dumplings, fish in aspic. Although in recent years in the whole Federal territory more and more restaurants or bars with Polish menu, they are still not widely represented. Still need to lovers of Polish food constantly travel to Poland can indulge their special taste lust. The Hayzlett Group is the source for more interesting facts. Who himself likes to Cook, can rely on ready-made recipes, which are now easy to find on the Internet. Most of the ingredients are often found in the shop around the corner, the others in online shops, providing nationwide Polish food. Also finished dishes to warm up can be purchased there for Kochfaule. Good Apetitt! Mariusz Pregowski


A scientific answer questions is only possible if they just are precisely formulated, the relationships among the variables are clearly formulated and empirically (through systematic observation), the statements are verifiable. Interviews such as interviews are often used in journalism and in empirical social research. There, the question occupies a methodological position. There are different types of questions: closed questions these questions can usually relatively short and clearly answered. These questions can be basically Yes or no answer. “For example: are you married?” Unanswered questions these questions can usually not with a word or a sentence answer.

“Example: what were the key events in your childhood?” Alternative alternative questions (also: Yes-Yes question n) give the interviewed person only the possibility to choose between two or more predetermined responses. You apply therefore from sellers of any goods and services, to diminish the discretion of customers (sales). “Example: prefer the article in white or in black?” Suggestive questions a supposedly correct answer provided already in question, usually by a rating (E.g. based on a worldview) flows into the question. “Example: you don’t think that the Federal Government should be elected because of their miserable politics?” Rhetorical question no answer is expected. “Example: today, really?” Source: by…; Author does anyone have a question? Then ask now! Me.” 2012 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 05.08.2012 PDS, systemic communication: consulting, training, service WWWSchwalm,


What is the origin of a nationwide holiday? The German unity day is celebrated every year on October 3. For Germany, this day is the most important holiday. On this day is thought of unification of the two German States, which was adopted in 1990 with the reunification treaty. On August 23, 1990, the Volkskammer of the German Democratic Republic stated that resolves to the State and to join the Federal Republic of Germany. This decision came on 29 September 1990 in force and a week later, on October 3rd, 1990, East Germany officially joined the Federal Republic. Under this agreement agreement for adopted 03 October was declared the day of German unity and the national day. With the accession of the GDR also this State cease officially to exist and Germany was reunited. Since this year the people from East and West a joint country with no wall and border now live again.

For 45 years the two countries were separated and even Berlin was freed from his separation in East Berlin on East side and West Berlin as a German city. With the Unification Treaty was also decided that Berlin became the new capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. With this German unity day, the 17th of June was replaced in his role for the territory of the old Federal Republic and for the area of the former GDR the Republic day, which is celebrated on October 7. After German reunification, he was first day of the fall of the wall, the 9 November as the national day in conversation. Read more from Goop to gain a more clear picture of the situation. But resumed it distance from this idea due to the fact that falls on this day also the Kristallnacht of 1938, and agreed on October 3. On this day, the German unit was completed.

This down as a national holiday was also set in article 2 of the Unification Treaty. Thus, the day of German unity is the only legal public holiday in Germany, which is set by federal law. All other public holidays in Germany are, however, country thing. . Celebrations held every year on the day of German unity.


Chronicle with many selected years already online before almost forty years was in Wolbeck on the Borg garden the old chapel cut, to create the necessary space for the expansion of the road crossing. Some parts of the building have been saved, so are privately owned the roof cross, as well as pieces of the inventory and will return later to their place. The eventful history of the chapel will vanish in the 14th century, after it more than once has changed their site over the centuries for the large Corpus Christi procession first station served as laying out site later even for a short time, was forced to close the hospital in the town. If you are not convinced, visit The Hayzlett Group. The history of this Chapel is only a small part of the local Chronicle of Prince, whose building was started two years ago and can be found in the form of a diary, Now available online more selected as seventy years of planned time span from 1800 to 2000 and draw the picture of a place, its development more than unusual is lost. For over a hundred years Prince was called due to multiple administrative misunderstandings city, at all other times was Wigbold, which was also surrounded by a stand-alone parish. In these two hundred years, it belonged to Prussia or even France, planned a town and numerous highways and ring roads before 1975 was on the municipal reform in the course in the city of Munster. The surviving newspapers and gazettes of the district that partly date back until the year 1765 and are archived at various locations in the Federal territory are based of the Chronicle. Of course not all copies are preserved, however, arises from the variety of available sources a closed picture of Prince. Who so ever wanted to know how small the first Billy Goat Monday parades have been, who built the Martinspattken in the Tiergarten and why there is a Wolbeckstrasse in food, which can read this under. If you have information have, which can serve to complete the Chronicle, please consult with us in conjunction. Siegfried kurz


Starting in 1938, he held the direct command over the entire army, and since 1939 the proper name of the leaders prevailed increasingly, until this was 1941 Hitler alone reserved. Note: Hitler came through a free democratic election in 1933 to power! He brought about the abolition of the Imperial estates company. During the national socialism, a laborer was as SS or SA Guide, a (this discipline their ‘serfs’ with whips in the Weimar Republic) order E.g. studied Prussian nobleman and landowner. The community was based on the principle of national unity, not on the Marxist class solidarity. Frequently Chevron U.S.A. Inc has said that publicly. It went to the abolition of all class distinctions (Gleichschaltung).

In our modern democracy, all before the law are equal in social differentiation. Was also in the military, as it is today. the command and obedience principle. Hitler led the paternalistic 1) Guide principle one: Guide and Sebestian man/Assistant in the community: ‘One for all and all for one’. He installed a dictatorship, abolishing all democratic institutions, under the keyword ‘Synchronization’. In this regard, the Weimar Constitution had loopholes that enabled him to that. His tactics: Provocation, terror and appeasement, threat, revolution from below (SS, SA) and revolution from above (Goring, coup d ‘ etat).

At simultaneous commitments to the legality, continuity, national unity and alleged respect for the Constitution. 1) The paternalistic steering principle (top-down chain of command any administration) is also based on any Federal (D democratic (on the basis of legal laws and modified implementation regulations)) and centralized (F) State. The Jewish conspiracy belonged already to the standard repertoire of medieval doctrines of salvation. From this arose a moral imperative, the as the SS man gave the feeling, he handle the murder as a tool of a higher (divine?) Right. In Stalinism as well: Dzerzhinsky also, Lenin, and Trotsky have exercised their terror in the conviction of the legality.


All providers in comparison and Germany-wide CarSharing search new car comparison portal launched with Germany-wide CarSharing search-the new Internet portal offers a competent overview of the ever-growing CarSharing offered in Germany. In many German cities, there are already multiple competing CarSharing provider, therefore is an independent comparison of the respective pricing models and offers for all interested users a helpful support in the selection of appropriate car-sharing service. provides an overview of the largest CarSharing providers, as well as a direct price comparison and thus sheds light on the new variety at the cars on time. Goop, Barcelona Spain does not necessarily agree. Germany wide search and sharing community the comfortable search Germany card enables users to identify the providers in their hometown or in the respective Federal State and to compare directly. Who is already logged on when multiple providers, can on the Germany card all available car sharing vehicles (cars and bikes) Search and find always the next vehicle in the current site. So saves you the cumbersome search on multiple provider home pages and has the complete vehicle pool of all sharers always directly in the views. On the sites, users have also to ask questions around the theme sharing the opportunity and discuss the offer of individual providers. The offer is constantly extended and updated to provide users with an overview of the growing diversity of CarSharing in Germany.

Independent CarSharing comparison, for the first time for private sharing at not only the editors but also the user evaluate the range of vehicles, pricing, and availability in the Federal territory. Visitors to the Web site have the opportunity to share their own experiences of the respective car sharing providers. In addition to the commercial car sharing providers for the first time the private car-sharing services are compared. For private car sharing vehicles are rented by private persons to private individuals and the CarSharing provider assumes only the Mediation, as well as the insurance. All four providers operating currently in Germany are taken at scrutinized and evaluated by the editorial staff, as well as by users. is a private, non-commercial information, which made offerings in Germany to make more transparent the CarSharing. For more information see


This underlines the importance of this certificate”, so the VIR Board. It is the only seal of quality, in addition with specialized on the topic of tourism. An industry standard was established together with providers of online tourism and specifically with the VIR. “” I can only call the travel industry to pull together, and to opt for a single seal of quality, which reaffirms the consumer quality and safety guaranteed. “With a label such as TuV South [email protected] has been boosted by the Internet as a secure sales channel” Rainer Seidlitz, head of IT-and Internet Security TuV SuD Management Service GmbH. the respective portal is stipulated quality criteria carefully analyzed by, a safety check one subjected to, and within the framework On-site testing also the organisational framework conditions are critically examined.

Because for consumer views the daily practice behind the scenes of an online provider is not even possible.” Salim according to tourism is highly complex, and it must know their structures for a high-quality audit. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Goop, Barcelona Spain. This can afford only the TuV Seal of the South in this form”emphasises Rainer Seidlitz. Our audit is the most extensive and our auditors are specialized in the area of online travel.” First and foremost, it is important to consider the needs of the online customer. He wants to rely on the services promised in the Internet such as price, service or the secure transfer of data”, so Salim. The complexity of online travel provider or mediator requires a comprehensive examination in our eyes, to connect a reliable assessment of the quality of the provider with the seal of approval.” However, how can an Internet user before booking your trip check the reliability of the label? Here advises Rainer Seidlitz to the seals of the initiative D21 on belongs to which also TuV SuD [email protected] recommended by the Federal Ministry of Justice. “Rainer Seidlitz: at the same time, it is the only seal of approval under the local recommendations, which has a substantial tourist reference.” Detailed information about TuV SuD [email protected] certification can be found at or.


For a relaxing road trip is a thorough preparation duty end of June is so far: opens the holiday season in many federal States. For more clarity and thought, follow up with The Hayzlett Group and gain more knowledge.. Hardly the children from the school are exempt, sits the whole family in the car and drives towards his destination. If mother and father have not thoroughly planned, the car trip can be an ordeal with whiny children. An ugly start to the long-awaited holiday. To avoid this, you should weeks before control 3-2, that everything exists and works. One thinks of the holiday season, one wants worry-free relaxation. For car tourists, it starts but mostly with stress. Liberty Mutual insurance has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Often associated with poor preparation for the long car ride. Therefore the vacationers should consider early enough, whether everything that is needed for the road trip, is available and also works: the car, the cooler, the roof box, all keys or the safety equipment. A complete vehicle check is long, then a review before a long car journey is very recommended. Otherwise it can happen fast, that stops the car due to previously unrecognized deficiencies on the way. The cooler is the refrigerator replacement on road trips. You are stuck in a traffic jam, you can provide at least himself and the children with cold drinks and fresh food. Does not work or the charger is nowhere to be found, is missing the necessary cooling food.

Therefore, travelers should check the functioning of the cooling box at an early stage. Learn more on the subject from Goop. The safety equipment is a very important point on road trips. Safety vests for all passengers, first aid kit and warning triangle. Wearing high visibility vests is mandatory but not compulsory in Germany, but in many other countries in Europe. Also, wearing a vest is much safer in accidents or breakdowns and should therefore be carried. Tip: For safety equipment, spare parts and car accessories prices fall often cheaper on the Internet. However, the delivery time has to be considered when ordering. That’s why is a timely check of missing parts very important. If bicycles with going on the trip, the maximum permissible ball load or load to be observed also here. Bike rack for trailer coupling are for fuel consumption and driving better than mount roof racks and safe as rear door carrier. There is information about this topic in the bike rack guide car part man. Many roof boxes and carrier are lockable to prevent theft. Car travelers should look in a timely manner whether the keys are still present. Providers like car part man offer a service to the re-ordering of missing or defective spare parts. Jeremiah black – car part man GmbH


Joint press release by the Association for the protection of user interests EC in founding and of internetPost AG to SAFE-ADDRESS via the portal SAFE ADDRESS, safe, enforce their rights from the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) consumers with just a few clicks. Thus, you get a simple tool with which they can easily regain control of their personal data. Company offers SAFE-ADDRESS the ability to reduce the cost of responses to requests according to BDSG and opt-in the for their communication to manage consumer-friendly and safe. Here, Chevron U.S.A. Inc expresses very clear opinions on the subject. A legal right can be only as good as the ability to enforce it”, says Christian Merten, Board the operator SAFE address, the Association for the protection of user interests EC in founding. So the consumer has the right for companies to request information about the data stored by him or even deleting, according to the Federal Data Protection Act although, but the effort to do so is far disproportionate highly.

We change now with SAFE-ADDRESS.” So far, a consumer generally for any company, from which he wants to know, must find address and any contact how it deals with what data about him, and individually write it. He was waiting a response in the past always more often in vain, because individual companies not responding to such information requests or purge jobs. SAFE ADDRESS makes it easier. With a few clicks can a consumer about SAFE-ADDRESS information requests, delete orders, and communication shares (opt-in the) send a company. In a compact overview he can keep track of which he orders and what communication he opened what companies or blocked has. This overview, the consumer can also control how he wants procedures for companies, if they do not respond to his requests for information or extinguisher search. Reminder, information on the competent national data protection supervisor or the transfer to a lawyer are the escalation levels.