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Examples of this are the established Online shopping portals like about Amazon, who live in this principle. The language of the customer understand and even speak: many companies had to in the context of social networks the painful experience do that very different are the language on Twitter or Facebook, as well as associated rules as in the traditional communication. Personal customer contacts are more sustainable, if customer service representative and customer at the same stage of life (such as raising a family) meet, this principle applies to use it. Data protection across all business processes and channels: it is again remarkable how many companies practice a relationship without any consideration of privacy and legal requirements. The customer discovered the irregularities, the damage is large and often ends the relationship.

Consistency in customer relations: it is also continually surprising how few companies provide a reliable 360 view of the customer. It is also a sustainable customer history among a sustainable customer relationship. Departure from the static behavior of offer: sustainable CRM also means that companies do not respond to dynamic customer relationships with standards. Rather, customers expect a customized solution that addresses a specific customer situation. There arises the question of how to implement a sustainable-oriented customer relationship management can be.

This begins with that for customers, sustainable values are produced by the companies invest more in the understanding of customer needs. At the same time, there is a need to focus on the customer and not the product in the customer contact. Because customers want less mass-produced, but tailor-made solutions at the right time. New technical solutions such as real time decisions based on business intelligence and probability models make this possible. Low purchase probabilities are available, products and services are not offered. Another aspect is from the perspective of implementation, to develop a 360 view of the customer at all customer touch points. Sustainable customer relationships require as comprehensive information about the customers. Companies must invest actively and comprehensively in the integration of customer information. Also fast solutions by generous decision powers (empowerment) are necessary so that employees and customers are put in the position, based on the available customer information in real time to make the right decisions. In addition, it is to establish a culture of data protection. In addition, the management must be ready to take a role. This certainly clashes with the principles of short-term profits in companies, there are different interests, which may be the sustainable management of the customer contrary to cross through the divisions. Regardless, a sustainable customer relationship management is facing the challenge to find appropriate solutions for this. ec4u expert consulting ag ec4u expert consulting ag, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Pfaffikon and Zurich is one of the leading companies for services in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI) and integration in the German-speaking world. It offers proven CRM services from strategy to implementation and prospective customers. ec4u looks back on over 160 successful CRM projects and implementations. The customer list includes renowned customers from the core industries of financial services (banking and insurance), telecommunication, life sciences (pharmaceuticals and medical devices), as well as energy management with long-standing customers like Bayer, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Integralis, MEWA, RWE, Stryker, Swisscom and ZKB. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71


HSV and marketers Sportfive arena iFeedback and apply to interactive VIP fan binding mobile customer survey in the VIP lounges of the Hamburg Imtech. iFeedback entered into a “first-class” partnership right in front of your own door. The Hamburg-based company cooperates with the Bundesliga Hamburger SV and its marketers SPORTFIVE. Premiere for the cooperation was in the Bundesliga of Hamburger SV against Fortuna Dusseldorf decided the Hanseatic League with 2-1. In the Imtech arena was inaugurated the new stadium clock and at the same time was the first time iFeedback in the hospitality area used.

This area offers space for 3,000 spectators. Including Maltsters, the players lounge and the business lounge are the Platinum lounge by Michelin-starred chef Tim. Ten hostesses with iFeedback-terminals in use were at the game. With iFeedback, HSV wants to be closer to the heart of his followers and enhance the binding of the fan. Does the service in the lounges? Taste the food of Chef Brewer? Are the seats in the lounges comfortable? The new stadium is ticking right? The right was the establishment of the team? All this is now online on the HSV and marketer SPORTFIVE.

With the help of iFeedback HSV can make transparent future advertisers, what visited the lounges in the hospitality area for a clientele. Thanks to iFeedback know HSV, what his fans want. Fan binding 2.0 way. The BHM media solutions GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany designed, develops and markets, media and communication solutions. In close cooperation with its business customers, implements the company’s industry solutions and also provides related support. As part of the BHM group the BHM media solutions GmbH benefits from the experience and expertise of the affiliated companies. More information on BHM media solutions GmbH, see Sebastian Kriegel (BHM media solutions GmbH)


Again the Sea Urchin is the protagonist in the Hotel Monte Puertatierra thanks to the success achieved in previous editions, returns for Carnival the III week cuisine of the sea urchin from next Friday 25 February and until March 13, will take place in the Hotel Monte Puertatierra, the III week gastronomical Hedgehog of sea. The success achieved by these days in past editions has been repeating the same format, along with the time, which is undoubtedly the best for consumption of this equinoideo. They will be a series of dishes (starters and main dishes) where the Sea Urchin is the protagonist. These dishes, which you can enjoy in the restaurant of our establishment, one of the hotels in Cadiz with best location in the city, are own creations and Mario Fuentes, Chief of Cocina of the Monte Puertatierra originals. Thus, in this specific letter for the most important days of the city, are found among others and to take as starters a scrambled of urchins and courgettes with Bacon and shrimp; the seafood stuffed cannelloni with Bechamel urchins; or a salad of Octopus and sea urchins with paprika oil. As for the fresh fish that comprise the second dish, the Charter gives the choice between Gallo’s filet with sauce of smoked fish and sea urchins; Cod with shrimp and sea urchins with garlic; Hake with sauce of mussels and urchins Escalibados; and monkfish with Salsa Americana of urchins. The Sea Urchin is characterized by a large number of spines covering its body.

They are gregarious animals that form very large groups, stuck in the Rocky walls of the coast and covering everything with its characteristic color and its dangerous you barbs. Other characteristics of the Sea Urchin is its flavor to sea, iodine and seaweed. Traditionally, it has been a product associated with haute cuisine and very appreciated in its flavor. The best of them females urchins, bring it to being more fleshy; and the best way to eat them is freshly culled from the sea, accompanied by a fine white wine.


In the local commerce era very common to observe it reason why began him to meet like Hindu Daniel. The support to its proposal to take the Islam to the members of its ethnic group was carried out by some Muslims who accompanied to him to visit in outlying areas of Maicao the calls that realised, nevertheless the majority was women who in later meetings did not return because only she interested the flattery to them that consisted of a Hiyab, since according to Daniel the women were numerous who wanted to become to the Islam. These meetings did not reach more than three, the credibility of Daniel had been affected because his it preaches was developed without no intention to moderate the political speech and much less to qualify his knowledge in the Islam. Months later Daniel Gonzlez disappears of the scene of Maicao but she appears in the Web with the name Teodoro Darnott and a confusion of denominations like Proposal Latin American Islamic Fundamentalist Political-Military man Integrist, Hezbollah in Latin America, Islamic Autonomy Wayuu, Islamic Military Political Party of Latin America Hezbo Allah.

Hezbollah Venezuela among others with a common denominator: the almost total absence of common elements to another Web of Islamic content. In the content of its messages one perceives little understanding of the Islam and total ignorance of the Arab language. From Soria Manuel Towers in its analysis the Fascination by the success. The case of Hezbollah in Latin America talking about to the messages in the Web of Teodoro express Darnott: equally surprising Resulta the one absence from the subjects more appellants of the Webs islamists: the paper of the woman in the society.


Immediately warn, in the title is not my opinion, a quote from a famous song old opera hat: What helps people, he spends time in vain, good deeds can not be glorified! And the reason for citing served as one point on which I came not so long ago. But let's start from the beginning. In our life, various events happen, both good and not so. Our memory is arranged in such a way that the negative moments are forgotten, and positive, on the contrary, as long as possible attract only good things, concentrating on the positive developments. It's simple! However, the Internet, and especially in the blogosphere by many, without realizing it, just concentrate on the negative. And this is how it often happens. An abstract the author manages a website, a blog and newsletter.

Over time, the number of readers increases, there are first grateful responses. The author believes that this is a matter of course – several hundred, maybe be thankful and thousands of subscribers. But here comes another letter, which criticizes the nines all the activities of our author. That he is making? Rather than simply ignore this message, it starts a long and empty debate, defending his work and in every way defensively. And, like a snowball who grows negative. And it also happens that the debate turns into an open confrontation, turning over a blog that recently me and could be observed. I will not mention here his address, simply noting that the author on this occasion put up a post impressive size, which is responsible for all attacks.

It feels a regular reader, when he sees it? Only resentment and nothing more. After striking a debate with critics – it is simply disrespectful to the other site visitors! Subscriber always thank the author for the article, leaving praise and expressed his recognition, but never received even Elementary "Thank you" from the author, not to mention a personal post. And then someone is mocked and he is for such honors. It is insulting There comes to mind and that same line from a song about the futility gibus positive actions. Know in your work will be critics, but one can always find disgruntled hundred (or more) to truly grateful admirers. Concentrate and create just for them. Respond to appreciative reviews. and positive developments did not take long.


It is financial or of any other nature, problems is that it is a problem for us only if we are prepared to look at it that way. And to exemplify what he thinks in a family facing a period of economic scarcity. Imagine that this family consists of the father, mother and two children 6 and 3 years respectively. A good day the father comes to the House concerned about the economic situation that are experiencing, has no money to buy food for the next day. He sits at the table to talk with his wife and complain about how hard that is life, and how difficult that is making money. In that one of his sons, the eldest, comes running and it pounces to greet him, wants to play with him. The father does not control your frustration and departs him, tells him that they have economic problems and currently is not in a mood to play.

The youngest son comes running behind his brother to go with his father, this bypasses and not even look at it. The mother is sitting at the table, very concerned and when their children come to her, she gets up and tells them that it is very busy. At that time do you think the children understand the situation through which pass their parents? Do you think that they perceive the situation as economic problem? It is likely that not, because children are not prepared, or rather, do not have a reference point, a pattern, a belief, or a picture of what adults call economic problems. The sad thing is that continuing this situation where parents behave this way against them repeatedly and constantly, then children Yes develop the potential to perceive a particular situation as economic problem. In fact his parents thus learned to perceive them.

What determines that we perceive a situation as an economic problem, they are patterns, images, beliefs and something called footprints, which have collected throughout life and make us see a situation as a problem rather than an opportunity. Feat in ours, say so as well, unconscious, and hence it is gaining strength with the passage of time, until a good day is strong enough so that what we see or experience as a reality for us. The situation in itself is not a problem, because if it it were then all us turn away from such situations, and however there are companies, investment funds, banks, etc. acquired debt because they see it as an opportunity. Entire event is neutral perspective with which each of us deals with and perceived the event is what determines our experience. In the second part of this article I will tell about what most of the people is prepared to see, perceive and experience, regardless of their current level of income. You can change the way how you perceive the economic problems and perceive them as opportunities, please click here. Read the second part of the article here. Original author and source of the article.


After it was revealed the pricing and release date of the Nintendo 3DS, the reactions from fans of the brand has been mixed. From Kotaku has wanted to take the pulse regular users in terms of feelings with respect to issues as price, the technology of the console, favorite color of the housing, and other considerations. Also has been plumbed what videogames are the most anticipated, leading the first position the Zelda: Ocarina of Time with a 70% vote for the Kotaku audience preference. Follows it closely the Metal Gear Solid 3D with 62% of the votes and Resident Evil: Revelations would be the third in discord with 60% of the votes. By sections, the new Nintendo 3DS price seems expensive to 52% of the respondents to the survey, while 24% of people it is the expected price and 22 per cent considered it a competitive price. Only 1% of respondents considered that a price is cheap.

Intend to purchase aligns with the perception of price, because 46 percent of respondents prefer to wait to something lower price before buying it. 23% Of participants say they would buy it from the first moment while the remaining 31% will decide based on the introductory offer. With regard to the reasons to buy the Nintendo 3DS highlighted mainly screen 3D (33% of the votes) and titles in development (39%), while other aspects such as Nintendo, 3D camera, the price or the graphical power were among the least voted reasons. As comparative, 47% of respondents the Nintendo DSi, Sony as the iPod touch or iPhone 4 touch screen devices, or other options is choose by a Nintendo 3DS before that by other devices such as the Sony PSP-2. This survey has been carried out by Kotaku on a sample of 5235 users in the community.


In the social systems, such dynamic chaotic ones are preceded by one prolonged entropizacin stage, in which evidences the contradictions of form and bottom, that lead to totalitarian social stages and centralising, that are not more than the evident manifestation of a latent social entropy. The social entropy is, by action and definition, a cyclical, complex and dynamic phenomenon, from which it can affirm that all society has in itself the germ of its diversity, of its progression, but also of the chaos necessary to generate them. This predestination can be due to infinity of factors, but those are the factors of political order that more deeply they affect the entropic and later chaotic performance of the social conglomerates. The system-society is like an evolved biological system. The social matter that the Integra is made up of the alive matter of the human beings, plus the inert matter in the form of objects and goods that the human beings have incorporated to the system with their work. The society is a similar to a biological subsystem in growth, reason why it needs to consume and to degrade energy to integrate themselves, to structure themselves and to be different themselves from the environment.

The development and growth of the system-society are not homogenous. The structured parts more, more integrated and more differentiated, that is to say, less entropic, are most unstable and those than they keep major imbalance with the atmosphere. This contradiction of the system-society between the growth, structuring and development, on the one hand, and imbalance and instability on the other, is fundamental to understand and to anticipate the extinction of parts of the system-society or the totality of the system. Arrived the moment at which not it can to maintain I unbalance and the differentiation of the system, happens the destruction of the same; as it happens to the death of the alive organisms.


From yesteryear until our days has been in force concern for improving the lives of human beings, as well as have been discovering new things, all cultures and societies have contributed something for its better development with a special emphasis on education because they have seen that this sets the standard for an improvement in life, but what about education?, the Magisterium Dictionary describes it as: reciprocal action of two subjects, one with respect to the other, and that it will lead to the transformation of two personalities present makes reference to the refinement and optimization, since it does assert more man, raising their level of autonomy and freedom, i.e. allows you to move away from the answers and get rid of stimuli being able to choose their behavior before it, which is a factor of control and forecasting of consequences 1 above gives to understand the preparation of the individual for futuretaking their own decisions anticipating what will cause each one of them. The topic of education is currently present in every corner of our planet, speaks of a forming and transforming education and is to it to which I refer, I speak of education in educational institutions, which is aimed at quality teaching, where the individual develops their learnings and based them, or at least that is what is expected, because the reality facing us is another, but do whats the cause for which there is no educational quality at least in the country in which we live (Mexico), multiple factors which do not have? allowed that truly has the quality of education that is required, aspects such as disapproval, terminal efficiency, lag, desertion, etc. are those daily seen in educational institutions ranging from the hand with the improper handling of textbooks, teachers, lack of a system of teacher education deficit, lack of support from parents, society in generalthe mass media that it seems that they now are those that form, because if we ask how many hours passed a child on television, on the internet, with a video game, the economic crisis and social inequality, children who work or whose mother works and has no time to help you or direct it, parents who can’t read or write by which would be impossible to help the child with homeworkamong others as well as those who have to do also with processes, social, economic or educational policy, they are the cause of the low quality of education in which we find ourselves.


The soldier: Fall to Earth without a lament; you, bird in war and coat of arms of patchwork of hell torment: mud and mud, Earth and dust. The constant shaking of the seismic ground we tread on; numb everywhere fallen corpses. The incessant rain; the cold, the snow; prune them, sleep, hunger, fever, fungi sweaty boots, tired hands, flu death; the soul that lies apathetic and inert and this deranged finger that pulls the trigger automatically are all pieces of a hellish box; Pieces of wars: battle front. Profession: Soldier: blood puddled our boots. Mud cover our faces. The mud fills our eyes. Gunpowder invades our noses. Fear pervades our throats.

Death flies over our heads as a Crimson flag, as box of Pandora as a sword of Damocles hanging over our necks invisible and real death. Silence is our sworn enemy; DIN, our best ally, the whistle of bullets reminds us of the fragility of the existence and continuous outbursts inform us about the proximity of the beasts to our around everything is blood and members crippled languishing without owners and bodies mutilated without air in his lungs and a sea of smelly corpses decomposing and a dream that has become violent nightmare. Defend the homeland: phrase that made much sense before you begin this Odyssey; and that nothing means between shots and dementia what is the homeland? What OK a seeding homeland of corpses? The border problems and the disputes between Nations should be resolved in a pugilistic quadrilateral; facing the Presidents, Ministers, Assembly members and other dogs of war; realizing punching each other until they bleed even their dark souls and not making widows and orphans in the battlefronts. Kill or be killed: bullets destroy bodies and souls eat souls blood is mixed with the whistles aurora and explosions clasping the ears is not another remedy that save our lives killing to the enemy killing the enemy killing kill or be killed: that’s the only motto that remains for us, the only law records what to expect.